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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Rocket Get Up Exercise”
  1. dawnkiller89 says:

    ur hot

  2. marcosbullock says:

    1:23 … perfect

  3. ThePrivateJoker says:

    Hey.. No more comments about my future wife!!… ..

  4. Warrloker says:

    i love you…. o.o

  5. cristian2001 says:

    omg those legs yummy

  6. alexdewf says:

    Beatiful girld apart of active!!!

  7. VORcomputers says:

    Hey great coaching thanks a lot.

  8. Dunkelheit222 says:

    I would find it very hard not to pay attention to her. xD She can teach me anytime!

  9. jaabvw says:

    you rock and hot! I would love to be your student!

  10. diego230177 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Why? a girl so nice

  11. donizloko says:

    My God ur are very hot !!!kisses from Brazil !!!

  12. newforce3 says:

    i do this in P90X they call it the Dreya Roll. it is a tough one but works everything

  13. IwantAnewLife says:

    This girl is MEGA HOT!!!

  14. mariolanderos13 says:

    i love your videos !!!

  15. sPacefunkyboy says:

    Ta entera de buena la mina wn!

  16. aminosaeurenbaerchen says:

    pretty good, again!

  17. PelaoStyla92 says:

    me enamore xD

  18. vodkaohjay says:

    cool exercise but you havent indicated on what sector of the body it’s working

  19. InevitableGravity says:

    thanks for this exercise, i will try it. i need to switch up my routine

  20. InevitableGravity says:


  21. InevitableGravity says:

    either you are doing it wrong (bad form), you need to strengthen support muscles, or you are not warmed up correctly. look into those and u also might need to see a doctor depending on how bad the pain is. good luck

  22. ififellinlove77 says:

    umm…if you’re tired, it obviously did something to ya…

  23. jix212dx says:

    i jus did dat & i feel no effect. im jus tired lol

  24. jix212dx says:

    yo europeans git it in lmao

  25. quincyonq says:

    I’m lovin every second of this,!

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