Fitness – New Rock Your Body Workout Routine 1

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Part 1 of 8 of this new full body fitness routine.For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – New Rock Your Body Workout Routine 1”
  1. gerfall says:

    listening to the sighing, sexy :O

  2. nerdling301 says:

    so much better than the hot for words girl!

  3. SirMixalotUK says:

    Her physique is wicked… I like it when a woman is trained & toned like that… Not too much muscle yet got definition but not a beast either & remains feminine… Also a pretty face with a body like that gets me any day 😉

  4. MrPsychoMental says:

    Mne kajitza ti ruskaya net?
    I think she is russian,…

  5. MrIron1991 says:

    o my gooooooooooood

  6. Poesias360 says:

    Gorgeous ..

  7. simehong2000 says:

    czech! you traitor for mother rusia!

  8. Dinyu01 says:

    2 hours of driving and I’m in the czech republic. think I’m gonna look for hot girls like her 😀

  9. kassq0 says:

    you are sexy……lol

  10. DisciplinedUnit says:

    LMFAO HD button I had it on whole thing 🙂

  11. cristian2001 says:


  12. dwillztxnew says:

    if you need a new camera man ill film you from all the right angles

  13. Enes007 says:

    can males make ths exercse also?

  14. JorgSchatten says:

    CZECH girls are beautiful!

  15. AliDawson says:

    can i have yr number

  16. poohy007 says:

    This is my favorite routine because I needed a Workout Recharge and this did it for me! When I was having to force myself to workout this made me want to workout again! Thank you!

  17. mbbell23 says:

    dang this chick is in shape! I like

  18. EasyStu007 says:

    to sweet xD

  19. Immortalassassin1 says:

    lmao HD button all way oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!

  20. Mictlantecuhtli100 says:

    I like your pants

  21. am12012 says:

    dang girl, ur looking good..;]

  22. mrbeachdude1 says:

    i might turn gay jk jk jk lol

  23. laurenadam87 says:

    does anyone acctually ever work out when they watch this video??? lmao

  24. L3zer says:

    they all look alike what the fuck is wrong with you?

  25. redx311 says:

    she’s freakin incredible

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