Fitness – Get Fit for Summer – Cardio Workout Routine

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Day 4 of this complete workout routine – for the rest of this free workout plan and all of Zuzana’s exercise, diet and fitness videos visit her site: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Get Fit for Summer – Cardio Workout Routine”
  1. eguil52 says:

    i feel like working out now

  2. predator5791 says:

    1:15 OMMG!

  3. thefsufan1 says:

    wow ur beatiful

  4. christopherdonley says:

    can we clone this woman plzzzz

  5. dayusdaus says:


  6. sufined says:

    i have started gaining my tummy out 🙁 and i need something to do …can any guide me from where to start exactly,,

  7. YouGot0wnt says:

    cause your not determined enough.

  8. arshini01 says:

    thanks for sharing with us, she has a great jumping rope, does anybody know where i can buy it in toronto?

  9. faintsunrise says:

    wow she is well toned .. I wouldn’t want to be THAT toned though… but she still looks good 🙂

  10. fawkesband says:


  11. hamada008 says:


  12. TheRealLaker says:

    Cutting down on carbs would only make you more fatigued. Cardio does natruly make you hungry so I generaly postion it so I’m eating my breakfast/lunch straight after.

  13. ozboybrian says:

    wtf would u wanna lose weight! THAT IS SO LIGHT WTF ANO

  14. chavfred says:

    your tiny. ur fine 🙂

  15. bigbitchification says:

    I get so bored working out, how does she stay in it for 20 min!!!

  16. zahirjooma says:

    would marry.

  17. CalebSchultz says:

    Don’t judge. You don’t even know how tall this person is. He/She could be like 4’10”.

  18. monkeydewt says:

    why are u trying to lose 10 u wanna look like a tooth pick?.. i’m 16.. and i weigh 180… i’m not fat.. my belly isn’t even big.. it’s just the way ur built.. use these videos to tone up… not thin down.

  19. rockedlikeme says:

    would this help a 116 17 yr old
    lose 10 lbs?
    in how long?

  20. YUNGLILMAMI says:

    i have to say your body is NICEEEEEEEEEEEE! no homo but yeaaaa I will definitely try this lol

  21. Guiigui123 says:

    Nice body.

  22. murepoison says:

    hey i started doing only cardio for 45 min. a year ago. i know do strenght training and cardio as well, but know i get soooo hungry and fatigued!!! whats wrong?! what should i do?! i want to gain muscle, not a lot, just get a litle bit ripped, and loose some fat only in my ab section… should i cut on the carbs?

    thanks! great vids!

  23. alexsamuraiuuu says:

    nice dedication bro.. keep pumping… and when it comes to cardio, there are some machines that imitate the jogging motion, but u got pads on ur feet that allow u to *jog* wothout damaging ur knees. Good luck

  24. pololachilling says:

    I’ve been working out for the last 3 years. I work out for 2 hours 4 times per week. i start doing the jumping rope couple of weeks ago and I had to stop it because my knees were killing me. I have two weeks with pain. I guess that’s not for me : s

  25. Ziken says:

    Completely true Jpmiklo. Your heart rate would probably decline SLIGHTLY but it will still be at a steady rate. Also, your heart rate would start to increase drastically no matter what you do really (Unless like, you stop working out obviously) once you reach a certain state of fatigue.

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