Fitness Challenge – One Leg Squat Exercise

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Part 3 of the Summer Fit Circuit Workout Plan. For all of Zuzana’s fitness training videos, exercise routines and diet plans visit her site: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness Challenge – One Leg Squat Exercise”
  1. tinytina666 says:

    thats some serious squatting…..!

  2. XDressed2impress says:

    Fantastic workout, i want a stomach like that!!

  3. flaviavvs says:

    Are you kidding??? I will never be able to do this! My knees are so week.

    Anyway, congratulations. And kisses from Brazil

  4. Jaffixo says:

    Where is she from?

  5. Tetragagaca says:

    This is extremely tough,
    I would not recommend it for beginers.
    Heck i can’t do 1, an im i good shape

  6. Th3Driv3r says:

    I can do one and thats it for me.

  7. fogeddi says:

    its because your knees are going in front of your toes

  8. AlborzJ says:

    Try doing it on a stability ball if it is too easy…if it is too hard, try doing it with a chair to spot you when u go low….good luck guys

  9. slogan64 says:

    I would proceed with extreme caution if attempting this exercise. The girl in the video is obvious extremely fit, but anyone who has ANY knee problems, is overweight or just out of shape, or has poor balance should probably avoid trying to do this exercise in my opinion. The knee is a FRAGILE joint.

  10. mamemimoma says:

    i can’t do that even 1 time.. but i still rated 5 stars 😉 for your awesome legs !

  11. FUN144 says:

    Watched a few of you videos, wasn’t sure how fit you are..but your single leg squat is really tough because you go so low 🙂

  12. madeux324 says:

    Great idea for abs, I’m going to try @ home. Thank you!!

  13. collwatt says:

    wow. effort less, and nice posture. best ive seen.

  14. ChiTownBlackDragon says:

    Damn, she is hot as hell. That is impressive.

  15. 07wr250f says:

    her obliques are the biggest turnon ever imho i dont even know why. she is just so toned. her tummy makes me happy

  16. sirian501 says:

    how do you go that low down? I get stuck if i go passed a right angle

  17. hdgamer123 says:


  18. lindifer28 says:

    i taught this excercise to her

  19. rentman2 says:


  20. Hvalborg1 says:

    LOL thats sick!!

  21. psumiz says:


  22. Strongintime0887 says:

    When ever there is a hot girl there are always guys telling her how good her form is haha

  23. YellowSmiiLey says:

    i can’t do that ;p

  24. brazen59xx says:

    that is hard lol like it tho

  25. godsend9 says:

    Top form on a hard exercise.

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