Fitness – Cardio Exercise Workout 5

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Part 5/5. For more Free Fitness Videos, Workout Routines and Healthy Diet and Exercise Plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Cardio Exercise Workout 5”
  1. rgoldman1 says:

    Just did this 5 part series,.. very challenging

  2. DrSagaciousone says:

    Best looking instructor I have EVER seen! WOW! Great workout program too!

  3. SWOLFOOI says:

    What a ROCKING little body and an awsome workout – where is she at in the world I wonder; there are like 20 churches in the background and it is not America???

  4. havalito478 says:

    im a guy and i have np doing her workouts they are intense

  5. EdColonThecomedian says:

    Whats the name of that beeping thing you have set for 20 on 10 seconds?

  6. dynmite09 says:

    wow ur still abit outta shape!!!

    ur shoes look heavy r they?

  7. Varibyss13 says:

    Great video, great body, great boobs

    🙂 I hope you have a good day

  8. vipsamsam says:

    Where is she at? It looks like a Bridge or on top of a roof on a building

  9. URALLKUNTS says:

    your english wasnt perfect and didnt make sense but the message was clear. i agree with you molaro64

  10. FinalFan0 says:

    She makes me wanna go to the gym more often.

    I been struggling because I’m limiting my caloric intake and I just don’t have the energy to lift weights like I did int he past. But I am dropping weight… I kinda want to stay like this until I reach my weight goals.

  11. hipoxantha says:

    marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. imtiazomatic says:

    dayam she has a killer bod

  13. NaturalyMommy says:

    Oh wow I just finished this work out and I am sweating like a monster! This workout was so bomb! Thanks Zuzana a.k.a My personal trainer! Thank you Thank you! Thank you!

  14. rito10617 says:

    Originally, this protocol was degined for olympic athletes. When Dr.Tabata heard this has been used for fat burning exercise, he was pretty surprised, but it seems working.

  15. just1purpose says:


  16. TheJizane says:

    wow you´re very pretty and your exercise are really great….go on 😉

  17. molero64 says:

    All of you the one criticize her are IDIOTS,
    she is trying to show you A GREAT CARDIO WORKOUT,
    if you don’t have nothing to do look your mother take it shit.
    Charliejames thank you for a great video very nice.

  18. Kiittii3 says:

    lol, i would so trip…

  19. youngdaniellefairy says:

    The moves looks a bit like the “ginga” from capoeira…And it may work just like capoeira does.

  20. SanctumZero says:

    I’d say Eastern European or Russian

  21. shady7bc says:

    hey charlie james, are you ukranian ??

  22. AMAshodan12 says:

    You’ve obviously never worked hard in your entire life. Get off your computer and try some of these yourself before you criticize her.

  23. theRISAshow says:

    the website is not working today, some sort of internal server error 500

  24. dagojokerdago says:

    damn dude she has a really nice boddy i mean look at those abs shit holmes

  25. enjoylifeordie says:

    dont be a smartass!

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