Fitness: Arm Exercises for Women

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Watch my quick arm routine here on YouTube or print it out here http I don’t usually wear this to the gym EVER but I shot this during a photoshoot at a gym in Boston at like 9 pm on a Friday night. I also had birthday cake like every night before this shoot so please forgive my bday 5 lbs 🙂

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness: Arm Exercises for Women”
  1. tyrepikke says:

    @cnguyeen a women witout roids cant get muscular. unless she is really trying to in other words dont worry you want been muscular just skinny .

  2. ThoseDirtyHousewives says:

    I love thiis, its so helpful.

  3. BlackjackVIPElf says:

    hey, this is amazing and very helpful! 🙂
    but can i use a water bottle instead? i do not have that weight thingy. :\

  4. reelvorceful says:

    you look pretty sporty

  5. garlina87 says:

    A fine technique of losing weight – This is checked!

  6. wallaEthnicbro says:

    THANK YOU!!! finally someone showing a realistic achievable routine !!! Iv been searching on the net and keep getting these unrealistic workouts that are impossible with a busy life style. but this yes this I can do . 😀 thank you so much. this video was very helpful. best one by far.

  7. PatriciaDawn1 says:

    Hi sarah – I love the arm sculpting routine…..waana get rid of baggy arms b4 summer!! I cannot see where to print out the workout though on your site….can you help please?? Thanks. Trisha

  8. hashead19 says:

    il give a good arm exercises give me a wank with both arms then for crado get on top of me go up and then

  9. MrJesse says:

    I want to plow you sooooooo bad

  10. OBlova1 says:

    omgg how depressing! your body is amazing! :'( !! deff. gnna try this out ;P! haha

  11. gingerfreezone says:

    i dont no how i ended up on this….but damn shes hot! wish girls like that went my gym BTW im a boy not a lesbian haha

  12. sweetnluvly07 says:

    My wedding is in 5 months..i most tone up my arms!!! I only weigh 120 and im pretty skinny…buuuuuut…. my arms..

  13. TheDellanator says:

    i’m 13 and i dont wanna lose anymore weight, but i just want to tone up

  14. nelsonchris99 says:

    i want arms like yours!

  15. JJC1984 says:

    i cant concentrate on what she is saying because i have a bonner

  16. MarleKing says:

    omg girls just throw a song like this on your ipod


    bam your a skinny bitch like me.

  17. facelessfatloss says:

    John: Try gripping the dumbbells thumbs UP. That can often relieve the joint issue.

  18. thugricanz says:

    You said butt? Speaking of that..You have an amazing butt.. lol

  19. cottoncandy185 says:

    ummmm,,,,how much does this exercise take too make ur hands skinnier??

  20. PinkJollyRancher11 says:

    Hey i was wondering how many days a week i can work out my arms? like every other day or wait like 2 days?

  21. DrLafranz says:

    do pushups let your boobs touch the ground ! giggidy giggidy!

  22. themeaningoflife38 says:

    amazing body, so perfect

  23. inthesunshinegirl says:

    i’m going to try ‘some’ of your routine today – but NOT pushups ha ha i can only do about 5 of those and i’d rather not!! (but i will do a chest press machine instead 🙂

  24. vaporsofgold says:

    There is something very big coming to humanity and you better take exercise seriously (even if people say youre overkilling it) because these people only like you if you compromise… If you dont believe a 5th dimensional spiritual shift is coming, learn as much as you can about these people and only tell people online or you will literally become the next nailed to the cross/burned witch…

    Jericho Sunfire
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    Wiley Brooks
    Pralad Jani
    Buddha Boy
    Mony Vital

  25. yasminzeda says:

    You seem so nice:) Thank you so much for putting up your best exercises, they’re really good!:)

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