Fitness: Abs Core and Obliques Exercises: Wood Chops.

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness: Abs Core and Obliques Exercises: Wood Chops.”
  1. puttytat007 says:

    CharlieJames1975, sweet heart do you have any good workouts for people like me who have had knee surgery? I want to work my Obliques get my waist back down to what it was. TY in advance and love all your videos. Just need a new knee 🙁

  2. zoeyvoey says:

    Are her knees making a small cracking sound?

  3. FudoAkiraDevilman says:

    Bravissima e Bellissima!!!

  4. deartragedy2 says:

    baby, why you do this to me? <3

  5. frankspinz says:

    I love to see her sweat ! & all that heavy breathing …

  6. SpottyDog says:

    Nice exercise!! I’m trying those!

  7. itchi123 says:

    for 3: maybe you should mc donalds

  8. myfleshdiesdaily says:

    1. All I keep seein is that cross goin up and down…thank you Jesus
    2. the sweating and breathin is well…thank you Jesus

  9. stinkypillow11 says:

    wow nice arms and abs…

  10. styxway says:

    there’s nothing more sexy then a sweating fitness trainer like her.

  11. DoctorFist says:


  12. ColeFried81 says:

    omg 00:05 – 00:08…. I love to watch but i do actually use her workout routines. This is true.

  13. TheStraightxEdge says:

    I think Women with a bit of a six-pack are so hot!

  14. jaimerr09 says:

    now that is a spartan women

  15. mrmarvel8 says:

    Sooooooo sexy!

  16. agfagaevart says:

    I need to get rid of the flab, before I can get the ab!

  17. Simzangel says:

    I tried this move in the gym a few weeks ago and love it. I always found working my abs hard because sit ups or leg raises always made my lower back hurt before I could even feel it in my abs. This really works by thighs, abs and upper arms. Love learning new things from you!

  18. motorhead522 says:

    Jesus hard to watch, orgasmic breathing and sweat all over is too much for one guy to take.

  19. GreensPro says:

    man i love her shoulders and abs wow amazing, hard work

  20. mikehoncho73 says:

    you should see her fitness:yoga and stretching routine vid. (black and white/sepia tone and very arty) she is just feminine physical perfection. it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve seen on youtube.

  21. drumz62 says:

    i meant to press thumbs up !!!!

  22. mercurymixer says:

    so….this is my new favorite video 😉

  23. maxpower2181 says:

    dream girl!

  24. marthooosia says:

    OMG,you have so great body,your abs are amazing!!!

  25. BlackMamba1023 says:

    ooooo mmyyyy dammmnnn

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