Exercises for Women over 50 : Face Exercises for Women Over Fifty

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn some simple and fun face exercises for women over fifty fromour expert in this free exercise video for women over fifty. Expert: Angie Yarid Contact: www.latansonline.com Bio: Angie Yarid is the owner of LA Tans & Aesthetic Center in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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16 Responses to “Exercises for Women over 50 : Face Exercises for Women Over Fifty”
  1. prettygabby says:

    exercise face for?

  2. verypeachy1 says:

    I don’t care to look younger, I just don’t want that turkey neck thing. And I want to keep my jaw firm.

  3. UhdjygFlkdl says:

    Keep me temperate baby ** rockmycity.info **

  4. HarmonyOfElements says:

    Honestly, if you want a young looking and beautiful toned face. Go to the search bar and search for Jack Lalanne – Face exercises! EXCELLENT exercises from an amazing person!

  5. heywhatnow says:

    But how will I believe when this woman alone looks her age. She is not in any angle younger than her age. Look at the wrinkles around her eyes.

  6. GetRealFit says:

    Thank you! I’ll give this a try

  7. karenbcz22 says:

    You did that exercise too fast.

  8. porkyo123 says:

    True! And I say on both ends

  9. mihazisu says:


  10. saminaamalick says:

    hi. plz tell me,did you get any benefit 4rm this book. i wana buy this book but i wanted to ask your experience. plz reply.

  11. longchar420 says:

    The video is not clear, so one can not really make out whether the teacher has got wrinkles or not… lol…

  12. vanessalepic says:

    is it possible to have exercises for FOREHEAD ? thanks

  13. luangu says:

    “at 50, you get the face you deserve.”

    -George Orwell

  14. quasim0do says:

    I’d say no. That innocent face is something we either keep or loose.

  15. jusloota says:

    Do you know , FACE IS THE INDEX OF MIND not the body. We can do some excercise and strengthen our skin and muscles but can we reallly bring back our innocent face?
    Yes, says an Indian author. Type “liveinmatrix” in GOOGLE and follow the first link to know the secret

  16. bobaboiz03 says:

    thanks alot!!!

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