Exercise abdominal muscles

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Exercise abdominal muscles

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25 Responses to “Exercise abdominal muscles”
  1. BabysFace says:

    0:30 those exercises are BAD FOR YOUR SPINE
    he’s forcing his neck into unatural positions

  2. paulopavacic says:

    uhh i would like to have muschles like he does

  3. icesh0ck says:

    Jesus!! i dont think i can do that all the way till the end..i think ill be done until push through damn it

  4. kokosak123456789 says:

    amazing!…thank you for nice inspiration guy 😉

  5. LibertadoresVcNaoTem says:

    mannnnn, very niceeeeeee, but it seems hard …. 5 stars

  6. NotYourAverageJoe321 says:

    Respond to this video…
    no matter how long you do this for you wont get ripped abs youll just very very slowly burn some of tha fat off, and thats only if you eat well and small portions meals. a bodybuilder will eat big after workouts and his/her abs will already be in good condition so all theydve have to do is maintain it by doing this routine or routines like this.. basically if you have an abundance of fat you have to do cardio and somewhat of a diet b4 your ab musclesare visible

  7. NotYourAverageJoe321 says:

    @Mrshaoshao it depends what your looking for, you can build mass on your abs by doing hardcore ab excercices but the truth is…and im not trying to scare you is that if you already have a fair deal of fat around your abs you cant get a visible 6-pack on crunches alone, what you have to do is more cardio liek jogging or even walking and eat less to first lose the majority of the fat. while doing that you can select days to do crunches etc, but if you already have fat, this alone wont get you abs

  8. MrBeTa123 says:

    Very nice video and you is vvery goodbodybuilder 🙂 ::…:D but song is gay 🙁

  9. leonidesxgames says:

    congratulations very nice

  10. Mrshaoshao says:

    Guys, i m 18 and has quite some fat around my abdominal,(34inch, 72kg)
    Do i just follow the ex ? How long only will the result show out?
    Some advices pls. thx

  11. younesdeboenes says:

    8 people dislike this video because they are fat and are too lazy

  12. argex666 says:

    hdrol 50 mg a day + liv 52
    pct : novedex / reversitol / anti-cortisol


  13. Putas101 says:

    i lost body fats. i’m average now…but it’s all skin..
    I got the 6 pack popping out but they’re not big/showing up…how can i make them big without getting fat again???

  14. anakstad says:

    First you have to lose some body fat.. After you’ve done that, u can see results..

  15. tetsia says:

    after how long is it noticable with this workout?

  16. MrBeTa123 says:

    Thank’s boy !

  17. skinnysk8er says:

    really bad form although good work.

  18. MegaShrini says:

    he has got grt ab exe collections

  19. rickyny4you says:

    He is more handsome than you. You might have big belly like pregnant bitch

  20. Esudin1 says:

    meybe you have muscler but you are ugly

  21. louisekok22 says:

    Skinnny legs did you forgott them?

  22. sekhmetraptah says:

    will enjoy adding these to my routine

  23. mangax21 says:

    The song name is Rockollection, by Laurent Voulzy

  24. ahuhehihause says:

    @Krenamater though, soybean has a low absortion rate of protein, like 60%.. eggs are the best! 94% of absortion

  25. naccienac says:

    Damn you are muscular 🙂

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