Dating: Asian Men and American Asian!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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8 Responses to “Dating: Asian Men and American Asian!”
  1. CristalBradbury94 says:

    Anybody tired of looking at clips and want to do it for real? Click on my username and we can chat. I am a hot sexy mom looking for some no strings attached fun.

  2. devonapeterson says:

    Have an affair with big beautiful women

  3. malevolenceXXXensues says:

    sounds like you love rosie o’donnel

  4. langemobile says:

    haha i’m going to work early because of Rosie O’Donnel. but I doubt thats going to work in Asia. This made me laugh alot. Thanks! From International Asian

  5. Shipuh says:

    you joke just like an american-asian. XD;;

    you know, i can tell the difference because i grew up in a highschool where after white, the largest minority was asian. (i know…its rare…)

    but i compare it to people with white kids who grow up in a school with classmates who are all black, of course they are going to be into hip-hop culture and adopt their friends speech patterns and customs!!

    my brothers friends were all abcs, and all my friends were fobs…now hes dating an abc chinese girl.

  6. MsMariaFerreira says:

    You just make it so easy and beauiful! Common interests should prevail, indeed. Cheers.

  7. MsMariaFerreira says:

    Oh I love how Asian get mad! Hahaha, just perfect video!

  8. Dot12 says:

    I can relate entirely. Isn’t American Born Chinese (ABC) a better term for us? American Asian is broad. I think a American Vietnamese would be different than a American Chinese. That’s why I think ABC is a better term.
    I think there are a lot of variables as to why ABC people don’t mesh well with Chinese people. Communication is being one of the biggest. Either you know the language or you don’t. I can understand the language well enough but I shy away from speaking like you.

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