Birth Control: The Withdrawal Method (Sex Health Guru)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Behavioral methods of birth control are 100% free of charge — but they don’t always work. For videos about other birth control options, CLICK HERE:

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Birth Control: The Withdrawal Method (Sex Health Guru)”
  1. freelancegemma says:

    The withdrawal method is not effective in preventing pregnanacy and it offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
    What can protect you is condoms and the antiviral supplement Gene-Eden-for-Safer-Sex, which can help boost the immune system against sexually transmitted infections
    Visit the gene-eden website for more info

  2. wrrnlam says:

    here is the solution best

  3. OvariumTheGame says:

    awesome stuff!

  4. tobqymaahy3713 says:

    woman choice this site happlly

  5. dxgbfhsdgfdg says:

    Do not depurate be happy with naughty women ****

  6. Spiderweb127 says:

    *sigh* this is how my husband and I got knocked up…

  7. NmkjiPlmn says:

    Russian ladies online ****

  8. ForeverSunny3 says:

    lol, the pullout method is so stupid. condoms are the way to go. I also take birthcontrol just in case that 2% happends.

  9. davetista says:

    this is stupid!! 30%?! condoms are the best way to go. or anal, oral, etc… also, ever hear of overpopulation? hmmm think about that before you have unprotected sex.

  10. CaptainObvious273 says:

    Are u 100% sure he pulled out in time?

  11. sexyself305 says:

    idk just dont fuck people and thats the end of the story ok !!! lol

  12. thasoapyprincess says:

    Im sorry but WITHDRAWAL IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL!! Its just unprotected sex. Trust me I got pregnant thinking withdrawal is birth control…..Very misleading

  13. nimcocali says:

    You shoul talk to a doctor about this,and this is totally wrong. I did thorought reseach before i decided what birth control i wanted. And it just regulates your hormones which you create your self.And just puts your ovavies in to a slumber, so if there is sperm, there is no egg to fertillize.

  14. IndieAndEmma says:

    some do some don’t read the back of it

  15. adeadlysniper says:


    “By the way, condoms don’t stop HIV, AIDS, HPV…”
    Yes, they do.

  16. AtheismIsWiked says:

    If you don’t want kids you wont regret it

    And I myself want to adopt rather than have my own anyway

  17. ErrolSOConner says:

    …you have no life…

  18. fullflavormenthol says:

    I’ll agree…peace my friend.

  19. unashamedevangelist says:


  20. fullflavormenthol says:

    Oh whatever. Is this the best of the tired nonsense you have to offer? Oh knock up some chic so you can guilt the children into taking care of you…really? Is that the best you have? Dude…look I don’t need your Victorian era ideal of human society. Man…this is really the best you can provide? Is this what prolife*com really taught you. Pathetic. Seriously pathetic, and funny at the same time. I’ll be fine, and it will probably sadden you to understand that. BTW…God ain’t real.

  21. unashamedevangelist says:

    Whatever you want to think you can think you deluded fool. Someday you’re going to be old with no one to take care of you…

  22. fullflavormenthol says:

    Admit it. You never actually took the time to really study the facts before promoting stupid theories here on youtube, because of your pre-determined religious beliefs about sex. And possibly you will say “I’m not religious” but we both know that is bullsh** and is a ploy taught by prolife*com to sidestep in promoting the pseudoscience that they promote.

  23. fullflavormenthol says:

    Ha ha! Good one. What my problem is, is you taking the time to spread provable lies to young people that may come to youtube for medical information. The problem is that you can’t back up your lies, because they ARE lies. When I am 60 I will still be working, and enjoying life if all things work out, and I will be visited by those people I have helped and affected, and if not so be it. I have more to my life than the need to be proped up by others, I help people and you can’t destroy that.

  24. unashamedevangelist says:

    That’s your problem. You can lie to yourself all you want. When you’re 60 and have no granchildren to visit you, you will regret not having a family and getting married.

  25. fullflavormenthol says:

    Wow, of course condoms don’t stop AIDS, because Acquired Immune Deficiency Disorder is transmitted, but caused by HIV,
    Also “Laboratory studies have demonstrated that latex condoms provide an essentially impermeable barrier to particles the size of STD pathogens.” -CDC-

    Nevertheless go ahead and wait till marriage if you want. I have been using condoms for near 20 years with no problems…damn I geuss they work or something. BTW, I don’t want to get married genius.

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