Who Needs Progesterone?

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Dr. Sherrill Sellman provides a list for how women can assess if they need to supplement the progesterone hormone. For more information, visit www.ihealthtube.com

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6 Responses to “Who Needs Progesterone?”
  1. chrislilleylover says:

    I have a hormonal imbalance bc I breastfed for 3 years straight. I am in the process of seeking medical help preliminary tests claim I may have a thyroid problem but I am thinking it is more obvious that I have a estogen/progesterone/testosterone imbalance.
    Why are women who breastfeed treated as though they don’t exist?
    I haven’t heard any mention in all these videos of the effects of breastfeeding on hormones.

  2. rainbowmagicness says:

    Part 2: It is basically a contraceptive. So I was worried that because the implanon already effects my hormones (I assume) will the progesterone interfere with this and higher my chance of getting pregnant making the implanon not as effective?!??!

  3. rainbowmagicness says:

    Part 1: I have had the implanon for about a year and a half and have recently started using progesterone cream for my personal reasons. Peogesterone cream balances hormones especially if you have high estrogen levels. The implanon is a 3 year rod in your arm with releases chemicals which I assume alter my hormones to lower my chances of falling pregnant dramatically.

  4. shaylossmysterygal says:


  5. NickolasDarling says:

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  6. ANKHifyouLOVEdjehuti says:

    Being on the Pill (birth control) can also contribute to hormone imbalance, since it is full of synthetic hormones such as progestins (instead of actual bioidentical progesterone), which is NOT natural to the body AT ALL and is responsible for a lot of the awful side effects that can occur from taking birth control pills, such as blood clots and certain types of cancers (to name just a few of the potentially lethal ones). Weight gain, depression, and migraines are others. HRT w/synthetics, same

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