Vitamin B12 Basics (Health Guru Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Do you know what Vitamin B12 is? If you’re feeling sleepy, your body will thank you for finding out! More at

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Vitamin B12 Basics (Health Guru Tip)”
  1. Mu5clehead says:

    wtf, ive seen this chick in so many documentaries.
    probably a fucking millionaire by now.

  2. k12rising says:

    @randydillonart what does she do faggot cunt?

  3. pillsburyboy1 says:

    how much B12 do we need for Weight Loss injections

  4. kayla25690 says:

    @Jerona no i didn’t become more active, i just took a shot once per week, and i lost 35 pounds within 3 months.. i was still eating my chocolate and stuff like that, just didnt eat as much. Hope my answer helped your question.. oh and the shots made me feel better too.. i wasn’t as tired as i was before, i felt wonderful.

  5. jerona says:

    @kayla25690 I have never heard of anyone losing weight like that. how does it work? or is it just because you got more active?

  6. TheMistermuppet says:

    @revitaPOPTV my bf pours b12 on his cock and thats how i get my b12 shot for the day as he pounds my pussy.

  7. blinkblinkblinkkdd says:


  8. revitaPOPTV says:

    Have you heard about b12 lollipops?

  9. coulditbekronau says:

    I just took 3 “mana evergy shots” and they have 1200% of your daily needed ammount of B12

  10. kayla25690 says:

    Vitamin b-12 injections really work people! My first month of taking these shots… (1 shot per week) I Lost 16 pounds… And i wasnt even exercising then either….

  11. ShroedingerWatcher says:

    “Get your B12 shots here.”
    “Vaccines, get your vaccines here!”

    I’m just laughing at all these gimmicks. Oh and the name of the one who uploaded these: “illumistream” sounds like “illuminati” con, no, its gotto be “illusion” because thats what it is.

  12. Stonewalljackson7 says:

    Incorrect, even if you lack intrinsic factor you can still take b12 in pill form,only you must take 100 times the usual dose.

  13. uandmeonutube says:

    where do you buy liquid b-12 sold on internet

  14. jackinla8 says:

    You’re correct: Vit A+E are fat-soluable

  15. RachelFuryRocks says:

    Coach Kendra is bloody beautiful!

  16. ccr5cxcr4 says:

    Wrong. Not all vitamins are water soluble.

    A, D, E & K are lipid (fat) soluble and are the vitamins that you can overdose on relatively easily.

    Please do not repeat incorrect information.

  17. ccr5cxcr4 says:

    foragana you are correct. If you are having a malabsorption problem, or have had your terminal ileum removed, or an autoimmune process is destroying your intrinsic factor (or parietal cells), then you must have B12 shots.

  18. foragana says:

    only if you absorbing food properly, if not than shots of b12 needed. I wish I knew this 20 years ago

  19. jdlaughead says:

    High Dosage Nasal B-12 Cures the Flu, Cold, Basiclly any Viral Disease.

    To find out more about it, just put” B12 Cures Flu” in your Browser and the information should come up. Take Care, and Good Health.

  20. khryzalids says:

    dont abuse of any vitamins… specially the A.. u dont want to turn orange…

  21. CWK922 says:

    yes you are right. that other guy was wrong

  22. sauceykat says:

    I believe some are FAT soluble as well

  23. mulleetman says:

    all vitamins are water soluble..

  24. VedicAwakening says:

    We make vitamin B12.

  25. newjohnwu3000 says:

    yeah they tend to repeat videos

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