The Pill at Work (Sex Health Guru Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Want to know how the birth control pill works? Here’s the scoop! See videos all about sex and contraception –

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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20 Responses to “The Pill at Work (Sex Health Guru Tip)”
  1. elballyawoman says:

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  3. dbilleaux says:

    be careful with birth control, it completely destroyed my libido and it took a whole year for it to finally come back. I took YAZ which is terrible and apparently i’m not the only one whos had this problem

  4. bloosgurl says:

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  5. cait1inG says:

    i agree that condoms are safer overall (STI protection/no side effects), but all of the potential side effects ARE mentioned in the consumer info packets that come with the drug. buyer beware. when they give you the info, there’s no excuse to not know.

    to generalize, that kind of male mindset is a reason why there’s no male pill yet. women subject themselves to hormonal alteration routinely, but asking a guy to do the same is apparently asking too much.

    who pushes birth control on teenagers?

  6. mkreku says:

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  7. princesskaguya2000 says:

    Condoms can prevent you from pregnancy and unlike the pill protect you from sti’s that are more likely to occur with multiple partners (which one tends to have when one is unmarried). Also the teenage body is still developing and the hormones of the pill screw with that. I think it’s a better idea that those of us who are unmarried be in the habit of using condoms.

  8. Christuserloeser says:

    I agree with the first part of your statement, but I am not sure in regard of teenage girls. Wouldn’t they are the ones that benefit the most from being protected against pregnancy ?

  9. princesskaguya2000 says:

    I’m of course not saying that the pill inst without its very nice advantages but it shouldn’t be the go to answer that people make it and it defiantly shouldn’t be pushed on teenage girls like it is.

  10. princesskaguya2000 says:

    and then the disadvantages are vicious mood swings, nausea, possible violent depression (which most doctors don’t even mention), change in major bodily functions controlled by these manipulated hormones, weight gain, increased risk of blood clots, and/or lose of bone density over time. People tend not to think about what exactly you’re doing when you take the pill.

    most of my male friends were horrified when they read the medical info that comes with those little packs

  11. Christuserloeser says:

    I am honestly surprised that you know how to read and write.

  12. Christuserloeser says:

    The pill has two huge advantages over condoms:

    – Women aren’t forced to rely on the men using them
    – the feeling for both partners is increased

  13. LoveandEqualityToAll says:

    dont use a computer science made it.

  14. alphasamuel says:

    It`s not just liberals. Don`t try to bring politics into this, when it`s a moral/religious matter. You have the ability to have your own thoughts, and the right to express them. But we have the right to ignore you and any thoughts you may want to express using sweeping generalizations and will of an omnipotent character that may or may not exist. Your facts are flimsy–please don`t say we`re all going to hell when isn`t it also in “g-d`s will” to not judge?

  15. princesskaguya2000 says:

    We need to get over our stigma with condoms. The pill seriously manipulates your system

  16. hfflpffchaser55 says:

    Fuck off you psychotic religion nazi

  17. ashtonnesmith says:

    Its against Gods will to use Contraceptives and all you liberals are going to hell

  18. chels879 says:


  19. AQFighter says:


  20. ru4dlord says:


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