Stretching Warmup Exercise for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading, Trampoline and Flexible Fitness

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Great warmup exercises to increase flexibility for trampoline,gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, skating, ballet, tumbling and other sports. These warmup stretches are done before and after the activity. Hold each stretch for between 30 seconds to a minute depending on your level of training. Stretch those muscles and warmup before any fitness activity to avoid injury. Hamstring exercises, toe touches and other stretches before workout reduces the risk of getting hurt. Thanks to trampoline and fitness coach Dennis for giving us all these great warmup stretching tips. Watch our new trampoline videos on some of the cool routines that can be done in competitive trampoline.

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25 Responses to “Stretching Warmup Exercise for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading, Trampoline and Flexible Fitness”
  1. xisab321 says:

    o lol i thought the one with the broking foot said her name was fall i was :$

  2. fitforafeast says:

    @pandazrock11 Melissa bought it in Chicago when she went to a gymnastics comp there – but she lives in Toronto too

  3. pandazrock11 says:

    Hi I do gymnastics I saw her Leo said Chicago style are you from chicago or a Chicago suburb I live in a north west Chicago suburb

  4. gymgirl221 says:

    thanks for the tips

  5. redemptionmaddness says:

    These tips really helped. Thanks so much.

  6. fitforafeast says:

    @MsDegrassichik Sloane broke her foot at summer camp

  7. MsDegrassichik says:

    What happed to your foot/?

  8. AcroSurviver says:

    @fitforafeast Great! It’s a bit like my gym. We also don’t have it stablished, but I’m usually base (sometimes I’m intermedium, but never a top…) You should post some videos of acro gym…

  9. fitforafeast says:

    @AcroSurviver It depends who we are partnered with (bigger or smaller)

  10. AcroSurviver says:

    @fitforafeast acrogym, really? Acrobatic gymnastics? ME too, are you guys what? tops or bases?

  11. booboolol1231 says:

    thank you all of you

  12. booboolol1231 says:

    i am 16 can i still do flexibility at this age

  13. fitforafeast says:

    @bendygirl22 Yes – we used to do a lot more but now we just do acro gym because we are at the dance studio 20 hours/week

  14. fitforafeast says:

    @parveengurl We have a handstand & handwalking vid that might help

  15. fitforafeast says:

    @elmrenz You can improve your flexibility at any age

  16. elmrenz says:

    i am 16 yrs old..can i still be flexible as gymnast?

  17. bendygirl22 says:

    do u do gymnastics to?

  18. pincessabella says:

    @fitforafeast oh

  19. parveengurl says:

    well im not really good in my handstands plz help

  20. fitforafeast says:

    @pincessabella She broke her leg @ summer camp

  21. fitforafeast says:

    @Maddieeeee815 We use adobe premiere pro

  22. fitforafeast says:

    @TheAmoShow You can always build & improve flexibility

  23. fitforafeast says:

    @yaquelin928 Just click thru to our channel & scroll thru the videos

  24. pincessabella says:

    hey y did slone have crutches wat happened to her

  25. Maddieeeee815 says:

    wat movie maker did u use?

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