Sports Nutrition – What to Eat After a Game or Workout

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Get the answer to a commonly asked sports nutrition question – “what do I eat after my game or workout?” The answer to this exercise diet question might surprise you.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Sports Nutrition – What to Eat After a Game or Workout”
  1. mariamaria555 says:

    Here’s a question..I have hunger pangs all the time, How can I control them?

  2. petrovish7 says:

    I am trying to lose weight and gain muscle because I want to begin to play soccer in a club and they told that is a very demanding sport can you give me the recipe for the green juice?Thanks

  3. trout92ification says:

    @dontre2333 its good to eat oatmeal and eggs, because oatmeal is full of good carbs which gives you energy which your going to need and eggs which full in protein for strength.

  4. MadMatt86 says:

    @suckermonster hahaha

  5. suckermonster says:

    You kind of look like Stephen Ireland

  6. dontre2333 says:


  7. StreamingKnowledge says:

    I thought your name was Uriel Kaim

  8. cardiocaptain says:

    I love making a greens drink after a run, although my favourite time is right when I wake up. I have to remember that the dark greens is my source of aminos/protein. I tend to put in a whey protein or brown rice protein. I’m not keen on a lot of the GMC type products and muscle milks because I’m sure they have sweeteners and artificial ingredients that are unnecessary; I would rather suck up the “healthy taste”.

    Yuri knows his stuff!

  9. timburkholder1 says:

    I love your vids! Keep up the good work!

  10. abstractdavid says:

    Stop smacking your lips son.

  11. arctic9001 says:

    I just finished my workout.. got anymore??? 🙂 Seriously, awesome video.. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  12. MrWiby says:

    nice video

  13. LoneBaldEagle says:

    @bluetones83 can’t I just eat eggs after the work ouT?

  14. sarithp2 says:

    my GOD how many websites do you make videos for!!!!!

  15. superponypelon says:

    theres a freakin buzz in your video!!!!

  16. bluetones83 says:

    @bullseye9572 milk is a good choice, but opt for skimmed to minimise fat intake (see my post below for an explanation). make sure you add some carbs (high GI best) with the milk. not important what. I guess a bowl of cereal with milk would be perfect as most breakfast cereals have a high GI. Don’t listen to this guy. A lot of it what he says is rubbish. I have a degree in Nutrition with Sports Science.

  17. bullseye9572 says:

    I can’t even imagine how can I drink this liquid
    Can I drink milk after workout instead of all these ?

  18. bluetones83 says:

    @guille2266118 bananas DO have a high GI. the riper the banana, the higher GI. Never eat under ripe bananas for sports NU purposes- they contain high levels of inulin, an indigestible starch.

  19. bluetones83 says:

    @StrangeFlavoredRey the guy is largely not on point. My posts explain where he has gone wrong.

  20. bluetones83 says:

    …………Furthermore, kale contributes some CHO but not enough to satisfy the recommendation of 1.2g of CHO per kilo of body weight post exercise.
    The smoothie idea is better with the use of bananas but the addition of that many sources of fat (peanut butter, flax seeds, fish oil) would decrease the GI of the meal (a high GI meal is recommended to create an insulin spike that drives CHO and amino acids into the muscles). Reserve healthy fat sources largely to other meals not post exercise.

  21. bluetones83 says:

    oh my life. Your understanding of why it is important to ingest sufficient CHO and protein is correct in regards to the post-exercise window of opportunity. However, green veg juice is a terrible of example of how to satisfy these demands. As a post below states, green veg in in isolation does not only not contain a great deal of protein but the protein it does contain is of low biological availability (lacks Lysine) and so in real terms Kale provided little usable protein in isolation…..

  22. friskystapler says:

    when I’m done working out, I have a liquid meal (from various powders mixed with water) consisting of hydrolyzed whey protein, maltodextrin, branch chain amino acids, and glutamine. This is the most effective way to get all of these to your muscles quickly.

  23. star364150lissss says:

    @tcherassi1 yes as Muscle Milk contains Mono Sodium Glutamate which is a known cancer causing agent and can cause various other symptoms such as fatigue and so on so seriously DOWN WITH MUSCLE MILK!!!!!!!!!!

  24. guitamannik says:

    60-45 minutes before eat whole wheat anything and lots of it with bit of meats n sauces to liking. breakfest eggssss!! very important and bacon or sausage 🙂 fatty food to give u energy for th whole day, for mass eat that plus 2~3 peanut butter jelly whole wheat bagels. extreme one here if u really need to lose weight just white fish and broccoli for all ur meals and drinkin only water and you can spoil urself with a cup of oatmeal every few days. Midtermstudying n needed a break hope it helps.

  25. guitamannik says:

    before bed =a cup of cottage cheese and u can add som type of seed for fatties (dnt remmeber the names right now), but post workout if ur goin for mass eat as much as you can lol I suggest pizza, a whole one, not the healthiest but the ratio of carbs for proteins is 3-1 which is great for mass. or jsut like chicken, turkey, fish, with some veggies, some horse hormones, and unless ur rly trying to lose weight u can hvae some fruits n juices.

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