Restaurant Portions (Health Guru Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

When you go out to dinner, do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Find more tips like this at:

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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17 Responses to “Restaurant Portions (Health Guru Tip)”
  1. InTheMomment says:

    Fiber makes you poop! I just found this out a while ago ahaha

  2. lunaris19 says:

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  3. lunaris19 says:

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    Now go back to bed, before you writing these comebacks give you a heart attack. 🙂

  4. lunaris19 says:

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  5. lunaris19 says:

    You suck your mom’s teat and you still can’t get over a fucking joke! 🙂

  6. lunaris19 says:

    Isn’t that what you have been saying to your uncle this past week? XD

  7. lunaris19 says:

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  9. lunaris19 says:

    At least my ass looks better than your face!

  10. tommieboy says:

    lol lunaris19 xD yumyumyum

  11. MauriceFlower says:

    I have. And you will behave and not swear like that. I call this a day. Goodbye.

  12. lunaris19 says:

    Oh, please, have a sense of humor.

  13. MauriceFlower says:

    Just bad language. And you started out with; Fuck.

  14. lunaris19 says:

    Make me! :p

    Chill out, viking it all in good fun!

  15. MauriceFlower says:

    Mind your language.

  16. MauriceFlower says:

    Very good recommendations.
    Hans – the friendly viking in Sweden

  17. lunaris19 says:

    Fuck that, I’ll eat it AAALL!!! YUM YUM YUM YUM! XD

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