Progesterone: The Cinderella Hormone

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dr. Sherrill Sellman shares her personal experience with the hormone progesterone and how it helped her and could help other woman deal with perimenopause and menopausal women. For more information, visit

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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14 Responses to “Progesterone: The Cinderella Hormone”
  1. 09mytunes says:

    @SovereignBeing Please check out this video on you tube. Just do a search through here by typing in Mood & Menopause by Research Channel ( a Stanford University video) . Very interesting & informative. Would be very eager to see your reply on this…

  2. 09mytunes says:

    @ShotABogie I tried copying & pasting some material on here that I had found & it must have done the same thing because I’m not seeing it….

  3. 09mytunes says:

    @SovereignBeing Could you please tell me what the difference between the wild yam & progesterone cream would be. Which one is better?

  4. SovereignBeing says:

    @09mytunes maybe that was a detox symptoms, because too much estrogen causes mood swings, anxiety, anger, depression etc. like a bad period every day. progesterone is the opposite and makes you laugh again, and feel vaguely normal.. i would not expect anyone to be lacking in estrogen with so many things that mimic it in the body these days.. estrogen dominance is a big problem and the main remedy that i know of it wild yam, (progesterone) and it has worked wonders with me.

  5. 09mytunes says:

    @SovereignBeing I really hope you all know I tried it 2 different times & ended up with a very severe headache & felt really weepy! I did some more research & lo & behold there was a lot of women who were reported even being suicidal. I also learned that a lot of women are very sensitive to progesterone. Could be maybe that I needed to have estrogen with it, I don’t know…

  6. ShotABogie says:

    Strange that my comment automatically marked itself as spam.. must be because I quoted someone else and youtube’s “spam bot” caught it.

  7. ShotABogie says:


    “every woman on the planet needs this and the then the word ‘bitch’ would cease to exist.. ”

    Yeah, and maybe if men did something about their super high testosterone levels words like “asshole”, “rapist”, “wife-beater”, “baby fucker”, “gang raper”, “psycho”, “serial killer”, “cheater” and “road rage” would cease to exist.

    Sigh. If only Hitler took progesterone…

  8. SovereignBeing says:

    @Celticwomanfanpiano – why would it do anything to yr voice.. ?!
    except make it better..
    It is a miracle cure for every negative symptom you have !! Use it…! without fear..!

  9. SovereignBeing says:

    every woman on the planet needs this and the then the word ‘bitch’ would cease to exist..

  10. Celticwomanfanpiano says:

    I’m using Progesterone Cream for my PCOS. I’ve just started about five days ago, but already my acne is down the lowest it has been in years. I’m just a little worried about my singing voice. Any information on Progesterone cream and the voice?

  11. NickolasDarling says:

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  12. torikatsmom says:

    I am 22 and a new mom of 7 months, unfortunately I’ve started feeling my hormones shifting back to there old bad habits… I have always felt that something is off balance inside me!I just wanted to thank you for giving me hope that I am closer to the answer Ive been looking for!

  13. 8371bake says:

    thank you. this is very beneficial for me. thank you 🙂

  14. OurSweet4ever says:

    Ugh I have this issue and I’m only 20.

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