Learn about Microdermabrasion: Skin Care and Beauty Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.latestbeauty.com Learn how microdermabrasion can help clear pores and gets rid of fine lines. It’s anti-aging affects helps renew skin giving it a soft and radiant glow. Erica from latestbeauty.com gives you the scoop. Reviews of diamond microdermabrasion and other processes.

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26 Responses to “Learn about Microdermabrasion: Skin Care and Beauty Tips”
  1. Catherine says:

    I want to get this done but would like to know if there is a problem for someone with multiple sclerosis having it done

  2. naungarmfh says:

    Teats it brings it and keeps it Women here **rockmycity.info**

  3. splashLASHcom says:

    SAVE your Money and get better results using medical crystals..they are medical grade and work great for your whole body. Just google medicalcrystals.

  4. austriawitchgmrjbd says:

    NuBrilliance helped me!

    You guys should give it a chance too!

    nubrilliance (døt) info

  5. terrapin52 says:

    She’s leaving out the most important aspect. This improves blood circulation to the outer layers of skin which re-juvenates and brings oxygen that kills the bacteria that causes acne and other problems.

  6. whalewatcher321 says:

    i just got rid of my acne and i have horrible looking red discoloration spots all over my face… and i want to get this done, but if it will make me break out… then all the scars it got rid of will just be replaced with new acne scars from the post microdermabration breakout…..
    has anyone else had this done? how bad do you break out after?

  7. lollygirl27 says:

    very helpful!! thank you

  8. johnsmdm says:

    hi paco sir…would you do it and potht it sir…there are trees in the forest….

  9. busterhymanout says:

    @johnsmdm how did it turn out paco?

  10. lmaolawlzhaha says:


  11. Twinman2 says:

    It doesn’t require special attention after you have undergone this procedure. Just do your regular regimen: cleanse, tone, moisturize and a bi-weekly exfoliation. You shouldn’t exfoliate the day of, or wash your face after the procedure because your skin will be a little dry and red. But that subsides the next day. I find that I break out a little after each treatment but it clears up really fast and the benefits are worth that small inconvenience.

  12. Twinman2 says:

    Hmm, it works for raised scars to a certain extent. If the scars are like depressions/holes in your skin you would be better off with something like a laser resurfacing procedure.

  13. johnsmdm says:

    I’m looking to sandblast my scars via an electric sander…fine sandpaer…

  14. 01AnnaBella says:

    i wanna get this done
    but im not sure
    cuz i wash my face day n night
    and if i get it done during the day
    do i wash my face b4 i go to bed
    and what products should i use to not screw up my face
    like the chick said
    dirt in the air and all can clog your pores even more after cleaning them.

  15. handyted101 says:

    Does the dermaabrasion use 2body or 3 body rolling? Im a little confused. Hang on theres no fucking abrasion involved. wheres the abrasive particles?

  16. baredd79 says:

    when you said it went well, are you talking about microdermabrasion? i’d like to treat a few of my scars but i want to do it in a cost effective manner with results.

  17. baredd79 says:

    this chick gets fashion tips from brett the “hitman” hart.

  18. MaryKayDream says:

    No need to spend more money. We have a healthy and affordable treatment of Microdermabrasion at

    marykay . com /hbryant

    (Just remove the spaces)

  19. MARYGRASS says:

    does this help with red marks and how many treatments do you need

  20. Brightangel001 says:


  21. xnaughtypeoplesx says:

    I noticed significant improvements after the 3rd treatment. They used some products to soothe your skin after and they were from the ‘REN’ professional skin care line. I went there and filled in a form and then was taken to a room. They then customize the machine to get full potential of meeting and fullfilling your requirements to the best of its abilities and to ensure an excellent outcome! Hope I helped.

    216a Kensington Park Road
    Notting Hill
    London (UK)
    W11 1NR
    Tel: 020 7727 2570

  22. jayice92 says:

    is it instant results? were abouts u get it done

  23. xnaughtypeoplesx says:

    try a chemical face peel or laser treatments. They get rid of pigmentations, discolorations. chemical face peels remove the top layer of your skin by apply a chemical to your face and laser treatments use special machines to target specific areas while removing discolorations. Hope this helped! 😀

  24. xnaughtypeoplesx says:

    It went really well. It lightened some of my scars and I had 4 follow up treatments. It cost 85 pounds but it is roughly between $40 – $90 dollars in the US. It also got rid of some of my spots. The treatment is available on any part of your body. If you want my to answer any more question about just ask me in your reply!! hope this helps 😀 x

  25. jayice92 says:

    how it go

  26. kandyface25 says:


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