How To Approach Women: Lose The Routines!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! How To Approach Women Lose The Routines! Do you know what approach turns women off the most? It is when a man approaches women with a canned routine. Do you want to know how to approach women in a more natural way and in a way that women actually like? Then I suggest you watch this video. For more information on how to approach women in any situation, visit

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25 Responses to “How To Approach Women: Lose The Routines!”
  1. TrueDominguez says:

    dude every point u make its like bullets in my vains taking everything 2 deep

  2. BestSeductionSecrets says:

    You should realize before you approach women that most attractive women are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS by most men approaching them in a lame way.
    I just made a quick vid on how not to be one of those bored men. Check out my channel.

  3. Commadoss says:

    45 and still going strong. If this is what happens when you start meeting random people and putting yourself out there then count me in!

  4. samrayiii says:

    Ive heard nearly all the gurus and this guy is the best hands down

  5. Trukojo says:

    This guy is F****** MONEY. Pure Genius.

  6. tailgunner2 says:

    Here is the problem, I have to work more to meet expenses! My taxes went up, fees for my electrical license and renewals were raised, sales taxes went up, fuel went up, my utilities such as electricity and gas went up, plus my night classes costs have gone up. which means I have no choice but to do more work! On top of that, I have my military commitment. So right away, I lose my nights and weekends. Worst part is, I can anver know at what time I go home, so any planning is rendered impossible.

  7. Blitz567 says:

    Where your attention goes, your energy flows & that part of your life will start to expand! You’ve already proven that putting your energy towards work gets you one thing…. more work!

  8. Blitz567 says:

    You’re living into the idea that “life is too damn busy to date/find women.” The only job of a belief is to prove itself true. So, as long as you believe that’s the way it is for you, your life will always prove that belief correct. What you need to do it create a new belief, maybe something like “I can have it all” and you’ll find that belief working FOR you, not against you. Tactically, I would start by taking 1 hr of your week to go out & meet women.

  9. Peteysweety says:

    watch Zeitgeist Addendum on youtube

  10. MrHellohel says:

    @tailgunner2 take a half day off, buy some new clothes and start going out, ask your mate from work our for a few bud lights, take up a new hobby, cooking, women love men who can cook,, take up a language, art class, music class,try speed dating

  11. MrHellohel says:

    @canderson2099 he’s lying hes not 45 more like 35

  12. krzysg1982 says:

    welcome in my world…

  13. tailgunner2 says:

    On the subject of dates, how the hell do you people find the time for all this? For me, (being 30) it has been the same thing since even high school: Work, school, sleep, rinse, repeat. The worst part is, what little time I do have, I’m usually exausted from work, that I don’t have the energy, due to being a construction worker. I CAN’T just up and quit, plus I’m attending night school, on top of work, so I lose my weekends and night. What the hell am I suppose to do?

  14. cmoney333 says:

    He’s an optimist. He thinks positively all the time. He lives a positive life. That’s all. Stress and negativity kills people.

  15. lubey111 says:

    he kinda looks like ryan reynolds in these vids…

  16. canderson2099 says:

    He looks great for 45!

  17. jamesb131 says:


  18. CocoCruise says:

    Agree. I thougth he was about 25. I wonder how he manages to look this great.

  19. serialnumber1700 says:

    No, mystery is different. Mystery puts alot emphasis on IOI’s, where david laughed at the idea in one video. Also I have watched about 8 of Davids videos so far and I have yet to hear him even mention lowering the girls values (DLV & HLV), which again is a big part of the mystery method.

  20. heartyhoopz1184 says:

    pretty much

  21. Mpua24 says:

    all of these so called guru’s are the same, they just word things differently.

  22. heartyhoopz1184 says:

    him and mystery are basically the same thing. they just teach differently. i kinda like this guy better though. it feels more natural.

  23. miamidolfan92 says:

    u know what I realized….even though I never had problems getting women…I never realized til not how much dinner dates suck….and they do….recomend you DONT EVER go on dinner dates,until you two(you and the woman) at officially together…AKA boyfriend and girlfriend…or more simplier terms 3rd or 4th date…

  24. mookixox says:

    Of course he’s older then he looks, scoring that many fine ladies will keep ANY man young n verile looking*

  25. magicallittlehobo says:

    Hmmmm, how do you define routines? how do you define canned? Surely that sheet opener is a canned opener? If he has done it “1,000 times” surely going round with her feeling sheets is a pre-planned routine?

    Freezer tic-tac-toe…. pre-planned routine

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