Healthy Eating Tips Part 1: Nutrition Education and Servings

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Healthing Eating Series, Part 1 of 4. I have created this series to benefit those with all manifestions of eating disorders. I can only speak for myself and what has worked for me. In Part 1 I talk about nutritional education and serving sizes. While I have studied a lot about nutrition, I can not give tips on how many serving sizes you need because everyBody is different. There are many calculations needed in order to determine what your body needs on a daily basis. I highly suggest you seek help from a nutritionist or certified dietician for further assistance. This entire series may be helpful for people looking to free themselves from the bondage of restrictive eating, fad diets, food phobias, binge eating, or complusive over eating and also those looking for tips on optimizing your eating habits and experiences. *I had planned to make a side show with nutritional serving information but have not had the time. Please check out the link below for serving size info: The book that I speak about in the video is “Healing with Whole Foods, Third Edition” by Paul Pitchford. I consider this one of the best books available for information on healing with whole foods and overall nutritional information.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Healthy Eating Tips Part 1: Nutrition Education and Servings”
  1. TheRecovering says:

    youre wonderful

  2. adrii0722 says:

    omg i love ur house

  3. ebanks11 says:

    you are amazing.

  4. LillianMay8630 says:

    I love your videos! You are so intelligent (I think I spelled that right?) and you don’t give us dull updates like some others.
    Thanks =D

  5. DIEmyBLOOD says:

    THANK YOU sooo much for this video.Your videos are helping me to get over my anorexia more than you could imagine.I am currently very ill i am 13yrs old female and just hit 83lbs but i still don’t see the thin side of me im still the 150 lb fat lil girl inside.but on the outside im pale and my hair is falling out.Plz if you have any edvise for me(only 13 what a pitty…..) plz e-mail me!!(yes PLZ DOOOO) Thank you again so much. *^^

  6. Fitnessblueprint says:

    Thanks for putting these videos up.

  7. Ealasaid17 says:

    “Diets do NOT work” Amen!!!!

  8. shelbycan says:

    Your videos really touched me, thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  9. deathiinabox says:

    Amazing video sweety; you are so incredibly intelligent, the world is so lucky to have you. You really bring down my fear of recovery & I really thank you for having all of your videos posted, never stop you encourage so many of us!
    keep it up gorgeous, stay healthy & strong =D

  10. WingedCrazy says:

    wow, is that your house, it’s beautiful(im sorry i changed the subject)

  11. Glorimanimous says:

    While I respect your disagreement and acknowledge that we cannot settle this debate without scientific study, I can only point to my own successful experience and reiterate my advice for others to try raw meat, if only once every 2 years or so. You sound like you may be a practitioner of ayurveda, which is a fabulous tradition. While (raw) meat is “tamasic” in Indian culture, it does have a place in Indian and every worldwide tradition. It seems safe to take on faith until science bears it out.

  12. ajchanter says:

    Hello, i respect your opinion, but i have to disagree.
    meat, raw or not, is (of corse, in my opinion) definatly not essential to health, espesially in recovery, as it is very hard to digest and harsh to the body, even more so to a weak body.

  13. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    I def. have issues with eating meat, especially raw. I do get a powerhouse of nutrients from other raw sources. My friend buys fresh blood dripping steaks and chows down on them LOL Last time I dropped him off in the queer district of San Francisco and he ate it right there on the sidewalk LOL, gotta love him. Do you consume a lot of raw meat? What kind do you like? other’s diets always intrigue me : ) The other raw foodist I know marinades his raw meat first.

  14. Glorimanimous says:

    You are so awesome for responding to my comment with lightening speed. What I want to say is that raw meat is ESSENTIAL for health and will definitely be required for disorder recovery. I really wish you would take your friend’s advice and consume a few ounces (ie; fish from your freezer, as freezing destroys pathogens). Many people have strong reservations against it but it only needs to be consumed once every two years or so. It is a common presence in every worldwide tradition. A votre santĂ©!

  15. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    I love that book!!! My friend gave it to me awhile back, great resource, great recipes. It was given to me by a very special friend who, unlike me, does consume raw meat. He’s great. Anyhow, thanks for recommending her book!

  16. Glorimanimous says:

    Another great book is Sally Fallon’s _Nourishing Traditions_. I recommend consuming raw meat, per her book, and then returning to a vegan diet, per Pitchford. It’s given me strength & energy! Best of luck to you.

  17. cheetah5619 says:

    hey what you are doing is amazing, thanks I’ve started to go the way you chose – healthy eating – just two weeks ago! much better!

  18. NoDramersDiva says:

    Thanks for passing on what you have lernt in your journey.

  19. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    please visit the Something Fishy website
    put a . org at the end of the name, you tube won’t let me write links in comment boxes

    this site can help you better than i can

  20. kyliekin3 says:

    you are great

  21. hjfrye86 says:

    Thank you for this! BTW: I LOVE your place, its effin awesome!

  22. dee1kouknow says:

    can u help me plese? im really concern about my weight idk wether i have an eating disorder like im really tiny im like 91 pounds but im not tall so would u say im too skinny or im i alright?

  23. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    I’ll send rainbows your way, every day, then!

  24. megzi32 says:

    thanks, as well as the messages ur writting me this additional info is really helping. p.s loving the colourful rainbow earings ^_^ and all the bright-ness today. yay!

  25. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    we SO OWN pink

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