Great Abs/Obliques Exercise – For Small Waist and Flat Stomach Using Dumbbell Weights

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Hi, in this video, I show you how to get a flat stomach and thin waste by working your oblique muscles with weights. Your oblique muscles are responsible for pulling your waste in and creating that desirable v-shape. Add this exercise to your abdominal workout routine to help you achieve that washboard stomach – it really works!! I hope you found this video helpful and your comments are more than welcome always. Please Subscribe because I have lots more to come that you will find helpful and you will be notified whenever I upload. Thanks so much for viewing!! For more helpful tips, please visit me at my blogspot at: To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here

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25 Responses to “Great Abs/Obliques Exercise – For Small Waist and Flat Stomach Using Dumbbell Weights”
  1. Evemaru2 says:

    Wow! you can really feel the muscles getting a huge workout and its so simple! thank you. 😀

  2. zspencer says:

    Great video ! I’ve been looking for a good work-out for the obliques. Thank you for sharing,


  3. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, please visit my blogspot when you have time and click on my “acne tips” link. I have a lot of tips on skin that I think you will find helpful.

  4. gabby1111able says:

    Ah thanks and I will try to do the higher one.
    Actually also can you post a video on how to get rid of oily skin I have that problem always and I used make up that help out but it does not work.

  5. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, that’s fine as long as you don’t have problems falling asleep. Some people have a hard time settling down to sleep because their body stays revved for a long period of time. You are probably used to your routine. My suggestion would be to do the higher intensity exercise first that way you get it over with earlier.

  6. gabby1111able says:

    Quick question you said not to workout close to bedtime. Well I always try to work out during 6 or 7 and I’m usually done by 9. Would that be okay considering I go to sleep at 11?

  7. lexbo says:


    always suck in your stomach
    it builds the muscles that keeps
    your tummy looking flat
    burns calories too!!!
    I always suck it in 😀

  8. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, the best time is the time that works best for you. The only time I don’t recommend is too close to bedtime. You want to reap the benefits of your hard work by enjoying your revved up energy and metabolism.

  9. kamisue21 says:

    When is the best time of day to work out

  10. YouTips4U says:

    Absolutely! You can add weights eventually if you feel you would like the extra resistance.

  11. weetzybat says:

    ur hott

  12. stellagal17 says:

    can i work w/o weights? O_O

  13. Igotmykiki says:

    your abs and your waist look stunning, love your work out videos, very helpful thanx

  14. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, this is just one of the exercises that I do during my sit ups routine. When you have time, please check out my other ab workout videos. I think you will find them helpful for exercises to add to your routine. I also have a very challenging advanced ab workout video available for rental here on YouTube. You can find all my videos easily by going to my channel page and browsing my uploaded videos. Thanks so much for your great feedback :o)

  15. abujameel2010 says:

    great for obliques, however what can you do for main abs, middle part and rear back, with eights i merlery do deadlift and jump rope, and shadow boxing, and squats with a bar weigts, great video by the way, great atitiude also! like people who are positive and real, bless u

  16. MissLalaland89 says:

    Thank you very much for that tip, I’ll check it out right now!

  17. HeyBeautiful18 says:

    @MissLalaland89 They make this waist compressor called a “Squeem” you can get one from ebay or on their website. It acts like a corset, holding your stomach in place. Wear it when working out to get your stomach to sweat and it;ll eventually helpgive you a nice “dip” on your sides


  18. fighting0501 says:

    i’ll start doing it every day..
    hope it’ll work…
    thanks for this..

  19. mclopez26 says:

    well im 18 and my body measurements are
    and i like my boobs and butt size but i want to make my waist at least from a 24-28 hopefully this will help mee =]]

  20. MissLalaland89 says:

    @YouTips4U thanks very much for replying! You’re wonderful. Starting those today 😀

  21. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, don’t worry about your waist getting bigger from this exercise, it won’t. You will tone your obliques and those muscles help pull in excess skin. Gaining weight would cause your waist to get bigger.

  22. MissLalaland89 says:

    thank you for this! Just a question. I want to have a smaller waist, wittled waist, not a wide one. Won’t this work the more deep set obliques and therefore widen the waist at the sides?

  23. redsmooch989 says:

    @YouTips4U i did these tonight at the gym after my cardio and i thought i was gonna die! Its really hard! but im gonna keep doing it!

  24. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, this will not make your ab muscles bigger, it will make them stronger and tighter and more able to pull your skin in. Using weights taxes your stomach muscles more which causes them to fatigue quicker so you get more out of your ab routine without having to do hundreds of crunches, etc.

  25. redsmooch989 says:

    but wouldnt using weights make your ab muscles get bigger rather than just burn the fat off and make your abs smoother and tight?

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