Fitness – Sexy Abs Workout Routine

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Sexy Abs Workout Routine”
  1. lovelylittlediva says:

    y does she like 2 do her vids in a field of grass? doesn’t it get itchy?

  2. misterioso929 says:

    thanks so much! I’ve been trainning this, since you upload the video”! see yah>”

  3. prazmrd says:

    no, she´s from the Czech Republic.

  4. HersheysKiss1096 says:

    she looks so young

  5. anormaluser says:

    I do, she is not at my gym 😀

  6. DonFuGe says:

    i’m hungarian, it’s probably not hungarian accent. although, i’d be very happy if it was 😉

  7. EmilyAnneGreen says:

    what accent is that… hungarian?

  8. animeworldchick says:

    holy cow she’s so strong! She could really kick my ass 😮

  9. kark9889kark says:

    Field training you know 😛

  10. xmitchawayx says:

    lol she so hot she doesn’t need a gym

  11. mupp33n says:

    This girl should be added to the #1 hottest girls on the planet, and other girsl should take HER as a rolemodel instead of some hollywood makeup skinny jerks.

  12. MrCatalano14 says:

    anyone else have trouble working out after this 😉

  13. sneauxangel says:

    Why is she in the middle of a field?

  14. Chavesshu says:

    nerdie… =P

  15. leaflewazza says:

    oh boy they are

  16. LittleModig says:

    hello camera man and assistant,try holding the reflector at a 45 degree from where ever she is.this will give her better definition on her body,to create shadows and highlights.she looks so one dimension on the clip.from a video principle is not doing her justice.

  17. joey19133 says:

    She’s too hott to understand anything! I’m in love

  18. koolaidpuc says:

    are you in the middle of nowhere? lol

  19. nickskatesbannana13 says:


  20. poupounegidoune says:

    Mother Nature blessed her with great genes and she is returning the favour by taking the best care of herself 🙂

  21. spadehatesscrewtube says:

    if you listen closely, you can hear that even the birds are being turned on by zuzana

  22. 1angel2heart says:

    wow she’s really something to be doing this exercise with ankle weights and dumbells 0_o…

  23. Guard655 says:

    Yeh they are nice..

  24. Terminator2292 says:

    yes…yes they are…

  25. jingle157 says:

    i mean really musclear btw

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