EQUALIZER Total Body Workout

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Here are just some of the exercises you can do with the EQUALIZER. Portable, versatile and effective- everything from vertical rows for the back and biceps to kneeling tricpe extensions for the lower abs and arms. Easy transitions and many porgressions so any fitness level can use it. The EQUALIZER is used in group exercise classes, Pro Sports teams, Personal Trainers, BootCamps, Phys-ed programs, Community centres, Pilates and Yoga studios, Martial Arts clubs, Boxing clubs, home gyms and more! Comes with DVD as well with a Beginner and Intermediate workout program. www.LebertEQUALIZER.com More innovative fitness tools at; www.LebertFitness.com

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25 Responses to “EQUALIZER Total Body Workout”
  1. mlebert says:

    @Annahealthseeker Thanks! And this Equalizer video is just scratching the surface with exercise and programming possibilities! Thanks again =) !

  2. Annahealthseeker says:

    Genius! When I saw the start of the video, I thought, maybe he can do only 3-4 exercises. Was I ever wrong! I can’t belive it is so versatile.

  3. mlebert says:

    @StopTheRobbery2 Thanks for the comment! Not sure if you missed the agility work? 🙂 I did forget to ad the split squats though which I love with the EQ. Also I missed putting in the hamstrings with hip extensions and plyos but you can see those in our latest video and many of the others!

  4. mlebert says:

    @rubberritchie 6’1″

  5. StopTheRobbery2 says:

    Full body workout minus the legs.

  6. saraseidelgty says:

    My name is Mike from LA Although there busizz4me.info

  7. rubberritchie says:

    How tall are you? Keep up the great work : )

  8. britney3896 says:

    bbw nees your whole life happy naneedj.info

  9. SkylightBTS says:

    love the curtsy at the end LOL!!
    the equalizer is awesome, we used one in our movie!

  10. ITisCRAIG says:


  11. mlebert says:

    @dme3o Awesome! Njoy! Train hard!

  12. dme3o says:

    Just bought these Bad Boys! Can’t wait to get ’em!! About time someone made these! Thanks Mr. Lebert!

  13. mlebert says:

    @scooterbyxbee NICE! Thanks looking forward to the pics!

  14. mlebert says:

    @KrautKopite Hey, they come as a set (2 bars). I do push-ups, dips, leg raises, inverted rows, kneeling head-cavers, agility drills and much more with the Equalizers. I do bodyweight training over weights and I am very strong and athletic…Not sure what you don’t get? They are simply a portable training tool that is very versatile and used for the basic bodybuilding compound exercises, etc…

  15. KrautKopite says:

    If people buy this stuff it truly is a victory for brawn over brains. I can’t believe you did all that without laughing, dude.

    How come you sell them individually when you clearly need two of the things? Maybe there is something right about it that I just don’t get. Help me out.

    …and how do you ‘invent’ a bar exactly? I ain’t dissing you I’m just asking.

  16. scooterbyxbee says:

    Marc-Love it. This is still a mainstay in my outdoor boot camps with kettlebells, ropes, and boxing. Headed to the beach for December camps-will send photos!

  17. mlebert says:

    It works… my arms are feeling it today!

  18. mlebert says:


  19. Chainmailgoddess says:

    Yeah, that rocks.
    Good idea, I love the simplicity!

  20. seansymons says:

    Now that is cool


  21. YTBT says:

    These are basically ‘mobile parallel bars” i use them all the time working out at the park. Hey, when i get my web-site started up, maybe we can sell some on it.

  22. NomDeComptee says:

    smart. people stick with training machines and think its the best but nothing will ever beat weights and things like this

  23. parker77123 says:


  24. poopampoopy2 says:

    how much is it?

  25. purelyphysical says:

    see I believe that equipment like tis CAN work. Everyone says that these gimmicks are SOOO pointless and they are only to make money. But if you ACTUALLY use the equipment right it will show results

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