Dr. Oz’s Seven-Minute Workout

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Get fit in just seven minutes with this exclusive workout from Dr. Oz and trainer Joel Harper. Watch Esquire TV: www.esquire.com Esquire Magazine: www.esquire.com Subscribe to Esquire: subscribe.hearstmags.com

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25 Responses to “Dr. Oz’s Seven-Minute Workout”
  1. originalcraig says:

    @tooskool4cool i was talking about shaving his upper arms.

  2. rajwantneena says:

    This is just like SURYA NAMASKAR

  3. VisualSnow1 says:

    “We” See tv static in front of our eyes. We need help. We need Oprah! Please go check out my video and post it everywhere. We need media attention on this. People are mentally dying.. We need help please.

  4. hamilton5071 says:

    @EKmion I lift weights and do yoga. This is a yoga style workout and can tell you after about a half an hour of power yoga you will be wishing you were lifting weights. Its a brutal workout and many NFL players, UFC fighters ect. do yoga. Definetly not a “girls” workout.

  5. mevaishnavi says:

    why the wiggling? Dr O is in great shape !!

  6. EKmion says:

    this is girl workouts lift weights thats the real stuff right there.

  7. JohnJohnerson says:

    the 7 minute workout is 9:27 seconds long

  8. sickeddie69 says:

    Shirtless please!

  9. Dustin322 says:


  10. bluesystemfan1 says:

    it’s just yoga 🙂

  11. brandedbysam says:

    I like the P90x Yoga Workout

  12. des1mone says:

    What a manly workout!

  13. Demoras says:

    @pigsaresmart Everyone? Man, if only that were true. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble I have with Surya Namaskar. I’m as stiff as a plank!

  14. Demoras says:

    @hiitsbhavisha Indeed! I just realized 😀 That’s kinda funny, I was just getting into those 🙂

  15. hiitsbhavisha says:

    these are modified sun salutations!!!

  16. RAINBOWLIZY333 says:

    Way to go Dr. Oz!
    You look great and what’s best you want us all to look great and feel great.
    Thanks for all your help and dedication to man kind.

  17. pigsaresmart says:

    It’s nothing but the Yoga routine Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) with some modifications. Everyone can do Surya Namaskar.

  18. JohnGuitarTV says:

    I could never do this without a fitness instructor

  19. x0oxsaraxo0x says:

    Dr. Oz is of Turkish dissent but he is born to a Muslim family and practices Sufi Islam because of its focus on spirituality. He is very proud of his heritage and religious beliefs he is a good person 🙂
    His name Mehmed (modern Turkish: Mehmet) is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Muhammad.

  20. MuKo18 says:

    he is turkish

  21. Martinkooooooo1994 says:

    cool video Dr. Oz rulezz!

  22. forumobc says:

    Thanks for this, easy and much better than just doing push-ups like I normally do.

  23. 1melkamua says:

    amzing how much you can do in just 8min.

  24. eviebeau15 says:

    I am impressed! I’m much younger and way out of shape. This is an inspiration…

  25. eviebeau15 says:

    I am impressed! I’m much younger and way out of shape. This is an inspiration…

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