Choosing jogging over blogging: an update

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I am happy where I am right now but life has just been so hectic since I started this new job. Though I miss blogging a lot (guess why I keep coming back here), I am proud to tell you that I have managed to keep to squeeze in 3 jogging runs a week, augmented by lunch break and weekend walks.

Another aspect of life that changed since I went back to work is the meals. I make sure I have breakfast but lunch is usually a quick affair (a sandwich on the desk for example) and a big evening meal. To avoid junk snacks in between, I take to work apple slices and peeled carrots. The latter are especially filling.

Having a healthy diet can be especially difficult for a busy professional. My husband gained a lot of weight (not to mention abdominal adiposity) during the years when he worked as a management consultant. Corporate dinners and expense accounts can be detrimental to your health.

The April issue of the MD Anderson Cancer Center newsletter gives some nutritional tips for busy people which include

  • Dinner in a Dash
  • Grocery List
  • Food for Thought
  • Drink a Glass of Health

Very useful tips on how to live a healthy life in a busy world.

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