Ask Asian Men: Asian Girls Dating White Men Part 1

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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22 Responses to “Ask Asian Men: Asian Girls Dating White Men Part 1”
  1. AngelineLagerquist52 says:

    This video is cool but I prefer to be the one in the video having fun. Anybody want to do it with a smokin hot milf? Click on my username. Over 18 only please. Click on my username.

  2. SexyAsianGirl92 says:

    Im azn girl too and I agree with charlotte I dont care what color you are just fuck me hard! Im sorry but a lot of Asian dudes can beat my pussy right. They are too sensitive.

  3. Michael91590 says:

    I don’t suck..that much..

    kinda goes to show..we’re doing it…a lot..

    lol @@

  4. kimmijrockdork says:

    @matney1341 Cause you love girls who will do anything you tell them too. I love Asian men!

  5. charlottielot says:

    im an asain girl 😉
    n i dont care if ur asian or white!! just fuck me!! hahahahaha. go asian guyss!!
    jokess dont do tat…

  6. matney1341 says:

    Ur video makes since good job dude… ima white guy and i love asian women so…..

  7. bruinsfan31 says:

    other than my self being a white guy asians are def the best.

  8. oralpussy says:

    holiday dating site # #

  9. OmniDaAngel says:

    @kgomez101 I’ll tell you that it definitely works. Maybe it’s because I was in Japan and I love the fact that Japanese guys (and girls) love other ethnicities, but they love Latin@s just as well. Just go to Japan, it’s where I’ll be (I’m Black/Latino, I felt loved over there)

  10. GeologistRob says:

    samosas? lol

  11. xxingaling says:

    i love your videos 😀 im an asian girl and i think your the bomb

  12. devilchild66MG says:

    I’m a Mexican woman (22) dating a Chinese man (24) and its awesome! I love him so much!

  13. kgomez101 says:

    Everyone talks about Asians and whites or Asian and blacks, but what about an Asian guy with a Latina? Would that work?

  14. PowerRedBull says:’re funny (with the dog) and you totally make sense. I like open minded people who think people should do what they feel like..and not go whine about it..thumbs up!

  15. warmonger1889 says:

    fuck all slant eyed gooks

  16. uratrick says:

    Good video man 5 stars

  17. mollykjody says:

    @DFWsearch your comment is uncalled for and really just demeaning. i wish everyone would just see people are human and individuals rather than this typecast and squared group of people. in the end people want to be seen as equal and just 100 % whole and nothing less.

  18. mollykjody says:

    @tycoonpratik please do not lower another group of people in return to elevate the another group. this opinion is really unwanted and insensitive. whether they date this race or another race. then okay be it, leave the asian race alone. let them live and do their thing. race is always going to be an issue.

  19. actutus says:

    I think his opinions are representative of the way many really young adults think. However, all of this is only really an issue for adolescents and post-adolescents immersed in the dating/hook-up scene (in the US at least). When people pass the age of 25, and start looking for serious relationships, virtually nobody talks or even thinks about any of this!

  20. goldangel100 says:

    I love your doggy!! I wished my dog would sleep like that! I never get to see my dog sleep cuz he always wakes up when I get near him….:( I’m Asian and it’s really about how the guy treats you.. Not about the race:)

  21. billnyethe1742 says:

    LOL thats kinda the way life is…..for me..LOL

  22. AtlantiXYL says:

    deal with it. you cant fix people’s first impression

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