Ab Workout Routine Home for Men

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.secretsoftherippedman.com – Ab workout, get free home workout routine video tips on how to get ripped specifically for men. Also check out http

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25 Responses to “Ab Workout Routine Home for Men”
  1. screamofabutterfly3 says:

    @iiCooper003 this is instructional, not a video of him working out..

  2. FlyingArmBarU says:

    This is incorrect, your forehead should be moving toward the ceiling, your head should not be tilting forward as this puts strain on the neck and can cause injury if done repeatedly

  3. aaronracine says:

    @jbbonzo72 hahahahahhahhahahahha

  4. NipCatcherz says:

    Good video

  5. iiCooper003 says:

    this guy sucks stop explaining and actually do something

  6. babilah83 says:

    thanks for the tips, ill try it at home :D. syaloom from INdonesia. nice body anyway

  7. rlin656 says:

    see you in the next videoo, ho ho ho, retard.

  8. devonapeterson says:

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  9. susymullicanchf says:

    Russian ladies online meet them now gettop5.info

  10. Sanchezj1000 says:

    Thanx Ya

  11. lordgup says:

    thx this help me alot thx m8

  12. SENDTHEFL00D says:

    @DaREDrobberZ hah ha ha haha it does say this

  13. dawg101211 says:

    @danisroy stfu..kid

  14. flameblade49 says:

    @DaREDrobberZ hey sorry I didn’t mean to vote you down I clicked it accidentaly returning to my web browser. :S

  15. flameblade49 says:

    @NightProwler45 I guess whoever posted that didn’t like the way it looked XD

  16. LordEizen says:

    @danisroy hahahahhahaha i’ll do it and then i’ll tell u what happened

  17. LordEizen says:

    hahahahah u r seem very friendly 😀

  18. 3compound3 says:

    sit ups? lol

  19. jbbonzo72 says:

    You can do all the ab workouts you want but if you dont eat right your gonna stay fat!!!

  20. SlayerNr2 says:

    whats youre problem peoples,?
    this man is just showing you how to train ab…
    morrons !

  21. st33lsimy says:

    @v0lc0mstoned lol i call bull shit

  22. magicmacclesfield says:

    i have a bit more powerful workout than this, you see results within a week too i dont use any of these vids now.

  23. RadioaciveHamster says:

    reps and sets?

  24. donbear1983 says:


  25. v0lc0mstoned says:

    @DevilDogFromHell0311 lol i dont workout and i have a 6 pack

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