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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Esther shows you a simple but brilliant exercise for when your lower back is stiff and painful .

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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  1. isallyiscool says:

    thank you so much!

  2. andycsluk says:

    Many thanks again Esther for all your wonderful videos. I did this yesterday (after some gentle warm up!) & it eased the stiffness that I’d had for several days instantly. I did it before going to bed & followed it with an ice pack for 10mins & “violla” no stiffness this morning ;-). As soon as my pay cheque goes through I will be ordering your beginner yoga DVD.

  3. tonytoes2 says:

    I feel great thank you

  4. missmaygen1 says:

    I did this for 5 minutes and it’s already making my back feel better. Very stiff lower back for the last few days and this yoga move is working!!

  5. jimboscow1 says:

    00:02 “when i doubt please call your doctor”

  6. yogatic says:

    @PyramidHead2000 Ask your doctor,it depends how progressed it is and where etc. Lengthening and creating space in that area is always recommended. But it is impossible to give you good advice without a closer look!

  7. yogatic says:

    @VATOLOCO3000 Hi, From a distance I have to say check with your doctor what he/she thinks. I would use a much lower roll and adapt the exercise for you if you would be one of my students here and I could be there to supervise. But I can’t from a distance, really see what your doctor says!

  8. VATOLOCO3000 says:

    DO you guys think its a good idea to do this type of exercises for some one that got l1 and l2 dislocated >? i suffer from siatic and also my l1 and l2 are a little dislocated that causes stiff back and lower back pain.

  9. IAmGunzNoob says:

    oooh ya i can comment now CHEE

  10. franxious1 says:

    Thanks, this seems like it will be so helpful.

  11. pur3th says:

    This helped temporarily, but for some reason my back is still stiff after a while.

  12. asianchicky says:

    But i love my mom deeply…
    And i don’t want to take any chances.
    If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  13. summzzxoxo says:

    whoa, thanks so much esther! i recently started taking an acne medication, and unfortunately a side effect is a stiff back. this is just the perfect video for me! thanks!

  14. mpgalindo says:

    I don’t think doing this will increase your lordosis and it will definitely help loosen your muscles and have some more space down there … but if lordosis is your problem, you really need to strenghten your abs before, so you can pull from your core the lower spine back to its normal position. That has been my experience. Good luck!

  15. andreamerlene says:

    Thank you for sharing Esther. It worked!!

  16. strawberrygirl323 says:

    This is a great exercise!! Thank you Esther!!!

  17. LullabyMe says:

    I have a swaybach, so is this exercise ok to do? It doesn’t hurt when I do it, I am just worried that it’ll increase my Lordosis

    By the way, great vidz. Thanks! 😀 happy new year

  18. Snoo1809 says:

    this should help me…

  19. jordantray11 says:

    My back gets really stiff when it gets cold. To the point where I can’t move if I’m lying down. Will this work?

  20. rahash12 says:

    Thank you!!
    That worked =D

    I couldn’t study for my college final because of my stiff back

  21. GreatTutorialsOnline says:

    my back hurts as hell
    thanks 🙂

  22. kpanonymousazn says:

    dats it? wow u talked da whole time

  23. dachamp142006 says:

    thnx very much

  24. lumpofloight says:

    you guys are eggy people

  25. Hambidosvinet says:

    You didnt, just wanted to make myself clear of what i meant, and dont take the word “shit” so serious it have another meaning :), like your style so keep on typing stuff.

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