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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Personal Trainer School Instructor gives quick lesson on how to get the most out of your workout. How to workout – tips & techniques. Short, helpful, informative. Personal training for everyone. Heritage College and Heritage Institute. Heritage College and Heritage Institute offer career training for adult students. We specialize in training for careers that are in high demand. Available programs include Personal Trainer Massage Therapist Esthetician (skin care specialist) Medical Assistant X-Ray Medical Technician Cosmetologist Pharmacy Technician Surgical Technologist Most Heritage programs offer a degree and most programs can be completed in 14 months. Heritage College and Heritage Institute have campuses in the following cities: Oklahoma City, OK Denver, CO Kansas City, MO Jacksonville, FL Ft Myers, FL Wichita, KS Manassas, VA This personal training video includes free information on “How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout.” In less than seven minutes, Heritage personal trainer school instructor Ron Jett will teach you the things you most need to know about designing a great workout routine. This motivating exercise video will make you want to get started on your exercise routine today! Personal trainers have helped millions of people around the world improve their lives with fitness and nutrition. This short video can get you started. If you think personal training might be a good career for you, we’d love to talk to you about how we can

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25 Responses to “Workout Tips & Techniques Tutorial – Personal Trainer School”
  1. TheLeoVLOGS says:


  2. knyce6b says:

    Nice vid man. BTW… check out this website called Virtual World Fitness. They seem to be new but they look like they are going to be big. And from what I understand… they are the first to pay for your uploaded videos. Just thought I share this with ya! =)

    Good luck and thanks for the tip on the balance ball…

  3. jeevan1002 says:

    he keeps it very simple. i m gonna try it in the gym. thanks.

  4. PrinceNippy says:

    @robiscool09 Thank you

  5. propta says:

    if you are a professional, you need to lock your elbows without the pressure, amateurs don’t have the connection with mind muscle yet, you must develop that in time, and when you get there, you will understand why your elbows should be locked. keep training and don’t hurt yourself and hope you will get to be a professional one day, remember it does not happen 3 days a week, it is over 20 years of training. Good luck

  6. bestfitnesstrainertv says:

    Ameriaca’s Next Best Fitness Trainer is looking for personal trainers for a brand new reality tv series…for all the details on how to apply…go to originalpicturesinc(website)_
    You an also follow us on facebook.

  7. robiscool09 says:

    @PrinceNippy Yes you deffinatly need recovery time and doing cardio work is always great.

  8. PrinceNippy says:

    Is it really true about giving the body rest? Also is it beneficial for one to do a complete shoulder to legs work out and do cardio every time they go to the gym?

  9. roncjett says:

    As far as the locking out issue, its not even as much of a safety concern as it is a control concern. Again people who will most likely use this info are not your usual gym rat. Lord knows us gym rats develope our own habits.

  10. roncjett says:

    Take the video for what it is and know that some people are learning more in this 7 min vid than what they have learned their entire life. This info also comes form a very educated instructor. Masters of Science: Exercise and Sport Science BOOM!

  11. roncjett says:

    A lot of what you say is right but off topic. This video was not created for someone trying to build as much strength as possible. It is intendted to satisfy a good portion of the people in the general public, some of which may not even have the strength to sit on a stability ball. Strength training takes on many diff forms and purposes and one vid will not even satisfy half of them.

  12. KCinNZ says:

    Excellent info, thanks RJ!! 🙂

  13. billysue2 says:

    it doesnt cause anything,locking is a natural occurance in human movement,its more economical than keeping joints flexed and thats why nature evolved it.Where did you guys get the idea its harmful.

  14. billysue2 says:

    you cant build strength optimally on a ball no matter the progresion.You must be on a stable surface.You dont have to build core strength before strength training,you can build it through weightlifting with lighter weights using exercises like squats,deadlifts,goodmornings,lunges,single rows etc.You can also do specific core work with or without weights.The problem is education,most trainers dont even have a degree in kinesiology/physiology and just believe the newest crap that comes along

  15. billysue2 says:

    you should bring them close but not necessarily touch them.The difference between touching and not is a centimeter which wont matter to results.

  16. vivinbiddy09 says:

    Thats why there are progressions just like the way he explained it. If you follow the Optimal Performance Training module u will understand the progression part of it. building core strenght before strength and hypertrophy is key…

  17. markusbob says:

    Awesome vid, 5*

  18. lifeisgood070 says:

    Why don’t you touch the weights? I almost always touch the weights doing incline bench press.

  19. mrpatrickkallie says:

    This is a great video, I actually use the stability ball also

  20. deons93 says:

    why dont u lock ur elbows?

  21. JonnyFitnessNYC says:

    great video!

  22. billysue2 says:

    it has its uses but its way over prescribed by underqualified trainers.The main problem is doing strength training,hypertrophy on it,you cant effectively.Also virtually none of the exercises are functional for any sport since there all done standing up and dont have the floor move under them.

  23. jbone488 says:

    how in the hell is a stabilty ball nonsense?

  24. tikafabulous says:

    very professional and informitive. I have just gotten my pt cert, where should I start first?

  25. prudypru1 says:

    he is YUMMMIE!!! lol…but very informative as well..who knew u could b smart and handsome…jk!!

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