Weight Loss Advice – How To Start Losing Weight

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.AndreaAlbright.com – Weight loss help. How to stop feeling overwhelmed by the thought of losing weight and learn how to lose weight naturally and easily so you enjoy the process. Get your free healthy weight loss newsletter tips here www.AndreaAlbright.com

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Advice – How To Start Losing Weight”
  1. karissahasnerve says:

    Ive walked morning and night today and its now 9.30pm and i feel fabulous. Im going 2 do this everyday 🙂 Thankyou! I feel great!!!

  2. TheFashionBabylon says:

    @Ravishingx3 loosing 27 pounds (even with gaining 5) is great! don’t feel overwhelmed- you did/ are doing awesome!

  3. Mishawn8908 says:

    Girl you have spoken the truth too me, thank you

  4. DangerousMusicProd says:

    i work out every single week day in my room for an hour now days.. its fun cause its become an habit!! and i still eat junkfood.. drink energy drinks.. but im still losing weight maybe it takes me longer to lose it but im not gaining i build alot of muscle which is freakin awesome.. ive been really over weight and im not goin back!! almost at the point where im lookin good without a shirt.. i mean.. and i still do all these things..!! its not that hard.. just learn to love it!

  5. HOnestite says:

    q linda andrea!!!!! me has hecho sentir bien, me encanto dar,me cuenta q yo misma puedoescoger quien ser….HOW nice of you Andrea!! You made me feel so good. I loved to realized that I can choose who I am …thanks a lot from Peru

  6. Ravishingx3 says:

    I lost 27 pounds, and just gained 5 and its definately not muscle. you reminded me again of everything i work for and everything i have yet to achieve… thanks <3 i needed the pick me up!

  7. adastrarize says:

    Just caught your video, will recommend it to my friends.

  8. suzie4312 says:

    Thank you so much. your words are very inspiring.

  9. hks1408 says:

    you are amazing!
    i have been trying to loose weight for ages, but it has never worked, i really feel like listening to you has been the start of something new, if it works i will get back to you and let everyone know that your words really do help!

  10. richo1701 says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words Andrea 🙂

  11. jrda128 says:

    F.Y.I. Folks, muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, that’s a lie and a myth. Muscle is just more dense than fat. Fat just takes more space in the body as oppose to muscle. If you take a pound of feathers and a pound of rocks, which one weighs more? The feathers are just far less dense than what rocks are, so there for it will take more feathers to equal that pound. This is why body fat is easier to put on then than it is to lose it. I hope this is helpful to everyone.

  12. mydollstuff says:

    I almost cried when you said ,”I believe in you.” You give people so much hope. Thank you!

  13. mistermatsuda says:

    BTW, good job on the video – very inspiring.

  14. mistermatsuda says:

    I weigh myself on a daily basis, however what you say is so very true. For those of you who are just starting out, I’d suggest hiring a trainer. If you can’t afford one, seek out as much info as you can on the web – there’s tons of good info out there. You’re lucky – I was overweight in my 20’s and didn’t have the Internet. I just purchased magazines and got what I could out of them. I know much more about fitness now but I wish I had this type of media to motivate and educate me back then.

  15. kalars88 says:

    I’ve started dieting and exercising this week, and I’ve gained weight. People tell me it’s muscle or water weight, but it’s really discouraging. I will take your advice and stop weighing myself all the time lol.

  16. PFracs says:

    i’ve been planning to lose weight because i’m constantly around skinny girls in school. i would’t say i’m fat, but i am definitely overweight. every time i tell myself i can do this, i lose motivation and just feel like crap. i can never get the will power to lose the weight. but your videos are so inspiring, i really feel like i can do this. 🙂 thank you so much.

  17. lolococoxD says:

    i like you i feel like i can trust you and your telling like the truth and not like other ppl who might tell/show fake or photoshop pictures i give you 5 stars:)

  18. MeganLoomj says:

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  19. FortuneFantastica says:

    This is what I’ve been telling myself for months, but I just couldn’t let go of my overwhelming determination to reach my weight goal. I guess I was afraid to because I didn’t believe it would work. But now I have a tiny spark of hope because you are living, laughing proof that it DOES work to do it this way! Hearing my thoughts from another real-life person completely validates what I’ve known all along is best way to find true happiness with my life and body. Thank you for eternity! <3

  20. blakasassin1 says:

    tell me if this is bad.i had toast with peanut butter *wheat toast*/lunch top romen noodles with broccoli in it and carrots half of packet of the flavoring *half*/and i went to sleep for like 4 hours and woke up around 8 and had 3 baked pieces of chicken with veggies/alot of broccoli

  21. SanRamon6768 says:

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  22. believeininfinity says:

    100 percent true. I feel so much better now!

  23. SuperPsaha says:

    great video!!!:)

  24. cloudburstlenepmhq says:

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  25. dapuma71 says:

    Andrea, you are so authentic and heartfelt, truly wonderful to see! Thank You!!

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