Urban Exercise Equipment – Rails – Parkour Training and Conditioning

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


For a full guide to this video, please visit: www.americanparkour.com Exercise equipment is not limited to your local gym or recreation center. It can be found anywhere and at any time. However, to see the equipment that is all around you, you must change the way you view your environment. As a traceur, you already have a head start on gaining this perspective; you see obstacles as opportunities for movement. A natural variation of this perspective is to also see obstacles as exercise equipment. An every day, common rail, bench, tree, or wall can all be turned into an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment. In this edition of Urban Exercise Equipment, we will explore the exercise possibilities of a basic rail.

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25 Responses to “Urban Exercise Equipment – Rails – Parkour Training and Conditioning”
  1. joker199614 says:

    r these good for someone who is a little overweight, and wants to lose weight through parkour.

  2. MrInsects says:

    i’m pretty good at parkour and i’m 11 i go and jump over a small building every few weeks its fun

  3. Intergalactic1love says:

    is it ok to wear gloves cause my hands get red and sore

  4. ThePinkBandiT121 says:

    Thanks this realy hepled me!!

  5. BatterySonic says:

    A very clever use of what you have at your disposal. Great job guys

  6. Dragonsthought says:

    awesome compilation of exercises this really helps thank u… putting on my desktop as reminder .. Thanks Again!!

  7. zumhlian says:

    @Primape92 you will know when you have that kind of situation.

  8. ftnrbhmwk says:

    they r the shit.. I give them much respect. That is not easy…

  9. eXSlyd3r says:

    Wats thr song?

  10. ApexMovement says:

    @Primape92 Both are variations of quadrupedal movement which is a great full body exercise for strength, endurance, and coordination.

  11. Primape92 says:

    At 1:21 and 1:27, what does that really help?

  12. Pixel3 says:

    now that’s what I call a no bullshit drill!!

  13. cwgumby says:

    @blakemman you are thinking of freerunning, kind sir.

  14. SinsYoutubAccount says:

    @ChaoticLightning when you do it you shouldnt go more than 90degrees since you will probaly stuff up your joints going to far

  15. thadea says:

    advanced exercises are rough

  16. InMythxGodIsForce says:

    @blakemman then you’re training freerunning. people who take it seriously and train hard understand the philosophical and deeper meanings of both.

  17. blakemman says:

    @InMythxGodIsForce bro ur soo wrong. theres flips and 360s and shit like that in parkour

  18. ericsamuels1 says:

    fantastic video, as im advancing in parkour it is really refreshing seeing videos like this, you have given me some new exercises to work up to. Keep up the great work.

  19. MasonStorm29 says:

    @superoak100 good question! Any shoe recomendations around here?

  20. MasonStorm29 says:

    Body control at its best

  21. LeventNimet says:

    I love vids like this! Shows how the body conforms for better or worse
    to it’s surroundings! Some of the best workouts I have had are in parks,
    and you’ve given me a few new ideas! Cheers!

  22. ghryjuy says:

    Try Naughty women and success your life mworld5.info

  23. aholegamerlover says:

    i would like to do parkour with you guys but im kinda new..

  24. MafiaBoss500 says:

    @kennyk2007 You can do exercise on mostly any age. Yeah babies can’t do exercise if you thought of saying a retarded comeback like that, but mostly any age can exercise. Also Exercising is not Boring, it is only boring if your Lazy, or not in a good condition. But don’t try to tell anyone what to do. And yes technically you are trying to tell them what to do.

  25. kennyk2007 says:

    You kids are too young for this kind of boring exercise..
    Look like old people practicing taichi.

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