Treating Severe Acne (Sex Health Guru Beauty Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

You don’t have to live with severe acne. Check out these treatments that can help! Get MORE sex appeal! Check out these tips – CLICK HERE:

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14 Responses to “Treating Severe Acne (Sex Health Guru Beauty Tip)”
  1. WynneXanthia says:

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  2. geskaaify says:

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  3. MissDa255 says:

    @xxJynxiexx Hey, I went on accutane and there was no side effects, talk to your dermatologist about it, trust me not everyone gets those side effects and i know 5 ppl who used accutane and they didn’t experience any side effects, however, there is something that might help you, drink green tea and add some peppermind and cut a lemon or lime in half and squeeze in on the green tea, this helps to clean your liver and when ur liver is clean there is less bacteria and acne. 🙂

  4. reallight7 says:

    hormonal imbalance, try ”evening primrose oil” & an average amount of fish, they wont tell you this but omega fatty acids will bring the hormones back into balance. jst dnt touch dairy, milk etc.

  5. naturalherbs1 says:

    I use Acne Tab from speedyherbcare. It is the Acne medication without having any harmful side effects. It is a slow medication process but now I am getting good results.


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  6. xxJynxiexx says:

    You’ve got to be joking. I am a teenager, I do clean my face with clensing wipes. I don’t eat junk food, barely any food, only sandwiches really. I have no stress, I have methods to get rid of it. And I am active, (ride my bike almost every morning) then I clean my face after.

    So I STILL have acne, and it’s wicked severe, I’ve been put on meds, and it still doesn’t work. To top it off, I’m 13. So wow, if I was put on that stuff, I’d get depression? Acne is ridiculous.

  7. Hrko1992 says:

    lol this is a joke or for real ? coz when i heard the side effects i didnt know if i should laugh or what the fuuuck ?

  8. gil6661 says:

    Ive had acne for about 5 years now and I totally thought it was just apart of my teen phase, but as im nearing 20 yrs old with no real changes in my skin I am a little worried. I have tried many things since i was young. I am very active, have a good diet, no sugar or junk foods, and clean my face every night. So for some people its just not as easy as switching to a healthier lifestyle. I have tried antibiotics and topical ointments, much to no avail. I think it could also be genetic.

  9. skylastarry says:

    junk food isnt really the cause of acne. Depends what type you have smart ass -_- I’m 14 and even I know this shit. I dont eat junk food what so ever, I’m a health geek infact. I still have acne, but whatever.

  10. skylastarry says:


  11. skylastarry says:

    Im about to be put on it, and it’s prescription only, go to your doctor first and he’ll give you a gel, and oxytetracycline then if that doesnt work he’ll give you something else which is stronger, in the extreme cases of that not working he’ll refer you to a dermatologist, who will then put you roaccutane [what I should be getting] it is VERY expensive though, not cheeap at all.

  12. sh0fiizZ says:

    hey acutane does work ive been on it for 2 years now and my skin is clear. and the only side efects i had was a minor back pain and chapped lips. i do recommend it. its kinda expensive but totally worth it!!!

  13. IAmViviLee says:

    “yay im acne free! now all i have to deal with is depression, suicidal thoughts, hair loss and dry skin!=D”

  14. Lygofast2121 says:

    or u can stay off the junk food

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