Top 10 Herpes Facts (Sex Health Guru Tip)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

90% of people with herpes have no symptoms! Could you be one of them? More Herpes Videos – CLICK HERE:

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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26 Responses to “Top 10 Herpes Facts (Sex Health Guru Tip)”
  1. Meandhim says:

    Look some of u r getting up here to joke around nd theres nothing funny about havin herpes. Knowing that u have herpes is embarrassing but its something that u have to live with on a daily basis nd worry about how differently others treat u. I found out that i contracted this STD 3months ago nd i felt betrayed by my partner because he knew about it before i slept with him nd he didnt care enough to tell me. Other than him, no ome knows that im living with this and i plan on keeping it that way because i cant take the antics nd criticism of others who think its fun to humiliate others.

  2. JLjoshualopez says:

    how did this bullshit even start tho cuz i heard that the labotory ppl made this virus n also aids so ppl can stop fucking around n also stop having kids because there was to much ppl what dumbasses y the fuck would they do that . n u know the labotory ppl made this shit becuz theres no way that this shit started on its own i wish they never created this shit but i heard onions can cure herpes but there not so sure yet they need to experiment some more to find a cure but onions may be able to

  3. JLjoshualopez says:

    ok so i made out with this chick that has gotten around but i found out i dont have herpes but u dont know how llong i was stressing that i had something after all this shit i wash my hands alot wash cups b4 i drink out of them n i dont want to makeout with a bitch ever again or get a bj alll i want now is just pecks sex n hjs n thats all see what this bullshit has turned me into n im only 12 i dont wanna fuck around anymore for the rest of my life!

  4. bodinian says:

    I got tested. 80% of people are infected with oral herpes, I am not one of them. Lucky, right? Well, even after screwing nine inner city girls and women I still was negative for any herpes. However, the first suburban woman that I fucked ended up giving me genital herpes. Moral of the story, trust noone.

  5. Cappadcius says:

    Take me now!

  6. xblackiris10x says:

    herpes is like one of the worst STDs. I mean HIV is worse but it seems like most STDs are easily curable. And since herpes is so easy to get, that fucking sucks. Someone needs to invent a cure for this shit soon.

  7. AwSoMeBEAR78 says:

    @elgrillo1986 me too

  8. melaniew247 says:

    Genital Herpes (HSV-2) cannot be that bad if 90% of those with it don’t know. The reason they don’t test for it during STD tests is because it is so common and not harmful, there is almost no point.
    Also, remember that 90% of people have HSV-1 (cold sores) which can also be transmitted at anytime. HSV-2 used to strictly be genital and HSV-1 used to be oral but with the surge of oral sex,they are both everywhere. So before you say ignorant things, get tested bc you probs have it too.

  9. Herpesnicole says:

    I have herpes but i am not alone since I found my love at HerpesFinder.

  10. kaaaaatieX3 says:

    @slaughtermouth11 that means you’re one of them doofus.

  11. elgrillo1986 says:

    did i tell you guys that days after i watched this video i had sex (for the first time ever)with a prostitute, and that it took me a couple of weeks to regain control of myself again and stop being paranoid about this issue. that i don’t even know if i contracted any kind of virus because i haven’t get an hiv test yet( though the condom did’t break or anything). all i know is that i’m gonna live my life the way i want, and i hope u guys do the same, just make sure u do it the safe way. 😉

  12. francis33partier says:

    @elgrillo1986 hhhHhHahhahahah

  13. TraversXII says:

    G’damn. I just found out that my work mate has herpes, she got it from bali. I don’t feel like going back to work any more. I am being paranoid since yesterday. FUCCCCCCK!!!

  14. jwaeceq says:

    @elgrillo1986 haha really?

  15. abcz98 says:

    fact: Herpes is spread by skin to skin, so masturbating without washing your hands can cause you to have herpes

  16. slaughtermouth11 says:

    soo….. 2 million people who visited this site have herpes SUCKERS!

  17. LuPitAgz10 says:

    This virus is not so bad, its dormant most of the time

  18. LuPitAgz10 says:

    @bitcheznhos hahahaha

  19. bitcheznhos says:

    Herpes on the pee pee and up in the va-jay-jay is super cool.

  20. MischievousSecret says:

    I only get cold sores man, chill out.

  21. OathOfOdium says:


  22. OathOfOdium says:


  23. ProtectedWoW says:

    i had to do this for a report for health…. im going to have nightmares for weeks

  24. thedancegroupstudio1 says:

    Now Im Going to Wash My Hands Every 10sec !

  25. amberlybrookeboles says:

    LOL this is bullshit. I think every video ive watched by this uploader is bullshit.

  26. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    I tested negative yesterday im happy

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