Tips on Hair Styling : How to Stop Hair Loss for Men & Women: The Most Effective Solutions

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Products for stopping hair loss work for men and women and can be effective solutions approved by the FDA for premature balding. Learn solutions for preventing hair loss from a licensed hairdresser in this free video series on stopping hair loss. Expert: Amelia Smith Bio: Amelia Smith has been styling all types of hair for about 10 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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26 Responses to “Tips on Hair Styling : How to Stop Hair Loss for Men & Women: The Most Effective Solutions”
  1. Veronika says:

    i am still having difficulty of accepting that i am losing hair and this circumstances is inevitable and bound to happen. Though, i am thankful for your tips and i would love to try it for my case.

  2. MrAdelinethepeople says:

    i am 14 and i use to have thick hair and now everyday after school when i wash my hair a whole bunch of hair fall out and it hurt to see my beautiful hair fall out :’c I WANT MY OLD HAIR BACK

  3. DrakeSixx666 says:

    Im 14 to ;( and I’m not likeing losing my hair

  4. BANBINO777 says:

    im losin’ my hair and im only 28 years old.

  5. TurninOnTheAC69 says:

    I’m 14 and I’m losing my hair…this is definitely not normal. ūüôĀ

  6. javier032492 says:

    @ReturnOfJackDawson dude im 18 and im going bald i think losing hair at 22 is more common than at 18

  7. ReturnOfJackDawson says:

    guys im so worried im 22 and i got good hair and all, im a guy btw, but i shaved my head this summer and noticed i got less hair on the top of my head than on the sides and back, is that normal???

  8. Gaobdgao says:


    how many MG? i am taking them but not working…I was using minoxidil than I stopped now all my hairs are falling off…fuck i want to die…

  9. deltafour1212 says:

    Just take Saw Plamentto that blocks DHT

  10. BlackDragonOfEgypt says:

    @MIRAjustMIRA I don’t actualy live in Egypt lol

  11. MIRAjustMIRA says:

    @BlackDragonOfEgypt look it up online im pretty sure u could buy it through the internet,i live in egypt so i dont know if you guys have it over there. we have some pretty freaky stuff but surprisingly it works =D
    also dont brush your hair when its wet,blow dry the roots first,if you hadnt noticed,your hair falls out crazy in the shower but when its dry it barely does its cuz hair gets so weeks when wet,and when brushing it brush it from ends to top so you wouldnt be tearing it apart O.e

  12. BlackDragonOfEgypt says:

    @MIRAjustMIRA What the h is snake oil and where can I get it

  13. MIRAjustMIRA says:

    @RadiantFiend try dates! they work for me take about 7 everyday. =]

  14. MIRAjustMIRA says:

    @BlackDragonOfEgypt this might be hard to believe but you know what works!? SNAKE OIL! im 15 and i have like geneticly thinning hair from the front i tried the snake oil and it actually regrows hair and even grows more hair than you naturally had its awesome but kinda slow and makes your hair smell like car gas lol

  15. ElReyD3Reyes says:


  16. RadiantFiend says:

    how do you naturally prevent hair loss? i mean like with fruits and vegetables?

  17. lfgamer1 says:

    she sucks hard

  18. psstheyyou says:

    I have a simple solution.
    Buy a rug. Cut it to fit your head.
    People will love your threads.

  19. aymc82 says:

    @pankurockstar there are hair and scalp professionals called trichologists (not sure of the exact spelling sorry) If you can find one they may be able to help you. I also know of a girl who’s hair thinning was fixed with laser therapy.
    Good luck I hope you find something that works for you

  20. Unbeginner says:

    @mufeed25 You should definitely seek help. Preferably from a licenced doctor who may further direct you if needed.
    A lof of people talk like they know stuff about hair loss, but really don’t have a clue.

  21. yourkennedy says:

    what she says is absolute shit

  22. pankurockstar says:

    Hi………..!!!! i m of 17

    i don’t have hair in my front side (V shape)
    and my hair is thick which one i pull little it broke
    i have used gel for past 4 years is this due to that and now i have stop using gel

    now my hair will automatically will grow or need to do something

    pls………… tell me what to do pls………….

  23. mufeed25 says:

    im 17 and half of my hari is gone allready. its so sad i cant help it

  24. sumu313 says:

    OMG! Same. My hair used to be so thick i could barely fit them in my hands and now there so thin that i just hate touching it. Do you know what i should do. I really want my old hair back.

  25. mimi2696 says:

    wow thats sad

  26. gdolim8 says:

    Amazing! A new way to renew hair growth! look here: (Copy to your browsers address bar)

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