Strictly Personal (1/2): US Women’s Army Corps Training Film – Hygiene, Grooming, Health (1963)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

1963 Watch the full film: The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) was the women’s branch of the US Army. It was created as an auxiliary unit, the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) on 14 May 1942, and converted to full status as the WAC in 1943. Its first director was Oveta Culp Hobby, at the time a lawyer, a newspaper research editor and the wife of a prominent Texas politician. In 1942, the first contingent of 800 members of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps began basic training at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. The women were fitted for uniforms, interviewed, assigned to companies and barracks and inoculated against disease during the first day. A physical training manual was published by the War Department in July, 1943, aimed at bringing the women recruits to top physical standards. One section of the manual satirized a notional recruit named “Josephine Jerk” who does not participate wholeheartedly: “Josephine Jerk is a limp number in every outfit who dives into her daily dozen with the crisp vitality of a damp mop.” The manual begins by naming the responsibility of the women: “Your Job: To Replace Men. Be Ready To Take Over.” About 150000 American women served in the WAAC and WAC during World War II. They were the first women other than nurses to serve with the Army. While conservative opinion in the leadership of the Army and public opinion generally was initially opposed to women serving in uniform, the shortage of men necessitated a new

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19 Responses to “Strictly Personal (1/2): US Women’s Army Corps Training Film – Hygiene, Grooming, Health (1963)”
  1. AventuraLuver says:

    This is too funny.

  2. evchesser says:

    You know, we need to get back to some of these basics in our Army for both men and women.

  3. evchesser says:

    I would just die with joy if modern female Soldiers acted like this today.

  4. evchesser says:

    Definately 1950s Cold War propaganda. I love how relaxed the Army made things look and with women who were at least moderately attractive.

  5. dan51556 says:

    hahahaha….they had to be taught to change their underware and to bath???? Very scarey!!!!

  6. HerbWalker says:

    On that Name Tag??? Is that her Name or JOB?? hahahaha

  7. tul10c says:

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  8. polklake says:

    Be honest naughty women here

  9. rimsyjones says:

    Dating with loving chubby girls

  10. Vydio says:

    Ft McClellan …. I took basic training there. These uniforms were such a nuisance.

  11. cwa14n3 says:

    5:23 , in the Army as a woman, NOT a man! Simply stated. Don’t Ask, Don’t TELL! That butch do was TELLING!!

  12. bluegama500 says:

    Women in front line combat? God help us. Having Women in front line combat is dangerous not for the enemies but for us.

  13. rowsofvoices9 says:

    Yuck, wash your hair at least once a week?

  14. EmoLover49701 says:

    @Trixiekitsch2008 u mean fat monkey now i really hate u

  15. altosax1st says:

    Because the fellas in the enemy trenches really give a damm whether I shoot at them with short hair

  16. Trixiekitsch2008 says:

    No enemy wants to be shot by a gal with chipped nails!

  17. atomicfilmsite says:

    Remarkable! They just don’t make them like they used to.

  18. Splitskirts says:

    Great video / film ! This first bit is almost like ” finishing school “; but the women look great in their uniforms. Thanks for putting it on. Regards.

  19. walkertexasranger33 says:

    of course she has a stuffed animal at 30 yo

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