Men’s Health TV: Throw The Perfect Punch

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Muay Thai world champion, Nuengpichit Sityodtong, from Evolve Mixed Martial Arts, shares his expert tips with Men’s Health TV on how to throw the perfect punch. Visit us at

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16 Responses to “Men’s Health TV: Throw The Perfect Punch”
  1. Crazytribe says:

    @darrellwillis1 Ok, you’re an idiot. You probably never have learned a martial art or picked a fight, and I’m willing to bet you have no common sense whatsoever.

  2. darrellwillis1 says:

    @Crazytribe No ass licker, experience comes from real battle, practice is an excuse to try and get better

  3. Crazytribe says:

    @darrellwillis1 Bulllshit. How many jackoffs go out and pick fights just to learn how to throw a proper punch? TECHNIQUE is taught, EXPERIENCE comes from PRACTICE.

  4. darrellwillis1 says:

    @Crazytribe Not really, just because hes a champ doesnt mean nothing you learn your perfect through your own fighting experience

  5. Crazytribe says:

    @darrellwillis1 Uh, yeah, actually, a Muay Thai world champ is pretty qualified to teach punching technique.

  6. MrNakedtittys says:

    1person is an alcy

  7. jadindahouse says:

    wow just play with the keyboard for 3 seconds and u might right his name down right wtf

  8. Thinkpink31172 says:

    This really helps alot. I don’t box or anything but I just want to be prepared in case i need to fight for myself (I’m in middle school) lol

  9. darrellwillis1 says:

    this was trash, a perfect cannot be taught through Muay Thai, you have to fight to find out how to throw one

  10. ilovetits7 says:

    i train with this guy!!!

  11. TheJamesrocket says:

    Very helpfull!

  12. MensHealthSG says:

    He’s a really funny guy too. very nice fella to shoot.

  13. xiaoweiqiang says:

    He’s a great trainer 🙂 Evolve FTW

  14. zelot07 says:

    เทพมากครับจังหวะออกหมัดสุดยอดมากเลยครับปาเกียวยังอาย จังหวะเตะก็ร้ายกาจเกินยอดแสนไกลที่ดังๆยังอาย แถมหล่อยังกับหลิวเต๋อหัว

  15. Nuengpichit says:

    very nice

  16. willyboy says:


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