Makeup and Skin care tips for women/ men with acne

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

So I dont have acne but If I did these would be the rules I would follow. Beauty Is ONLY skin deep and you ARE NOT ALONE! Make $$$$$ with my likes Find out NOW here: Sigma Brushes: ^get a Free Gift with Purchase of or more : ) Foundation Tutorial: Makeup for beginners: Need a GOOD blush color for darker skin?: More places to interact with me, your friend! Facebook: Twitter: TalentHouse: www.DestinyGodley If you are not a sbuscriber of mine, and you are not familiar with my channel or youtube.. Let me introduce myself. I am Destiny Godley. I do videos here on youtube for all women with a foucus on African American, ethnic or darker skinned brown women. If you have ever found your self with any of these questions Click Here: – How to apply Foundation for Dark skin? – How to apply quick and easy Eye makeup? – What are some of the best color Lipsticks for dark skin? – What are the best blushes for dark skin? – Can I wear that makeup color? OR if you want to see – Makeovers! – Foundation tutorials! – Product reviews – Fashion videos OR if you want to be apart of; – Contests! – Give aways! – Makeup requests! Maybe you need this… – Easy Makeup for church – Easy Makeup for work – Quick Makeup on the go – Makeup for beginners

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12 Responses to “Makeup and Skin care tips for women/ men with acne”
  1. karmabeenot1 says:

    thank u…what r some of the powders out there that give a satiny finish? not matte… n what makeup r u wearing today in this vid?

  2. Reicya says:

    Thx you so much for this vid! My acne is much better now but I have to stay on top of things.
    Shalom & Blessings!

  3. jfaluade1 says:

    @makeupbag02 thank you i will try this like asap!!! 🙂

  4. ABeautyAddict says:

    For me the solution was Acne free, I only use it at night after I wash my face. It takes a while but it gave me freedom to enjoy my skin and still wear my makeup.

  5. TheTishthedish says:

    Thank You for your video it has been very helpful, just a quick question to you know of any foundations that you would recommend for oily skin? Thanks

  6. makeupbag02 says:

    @jfaluade1 You can also disinfect your makeup frequently. Any makeup that has an open surface is a breeding ground for germs that can cause acne. Just fill a small spray bottle with 91% rubbling alcohol and spray a light mist over the top of your makeup. Leave it open to dry a few minutes and then your all done. You can also lightly spray your lip sticks and pot glosses anything with an open surface. Nothing in a tube. If your brushes are dirty so is your makeup.

  7. aulae says:

    @luznegra thats a good one, and if u are going to use a face towel, wash it often and keep it in a clean/ non-dusty area 🙂 although using paper towels to dry ur face is better cuz its more hygienic

  8. ricquel21 says:

    i dont have acne and what plays a MAJOR part in that is…WATER!!! i drink ALOT of water daily! …nice video Ms. Destiny! 🙂

  9. FairyTaleMayhemLove says:

    I find that using rotten blendered banana peels are working on my skin .

  10. jfaluade1 says:

    omg i have acne problems, and i am trying to get rid of them now i never though about using sponges instead of my brushes. i do spray my brushes everyday after use and once a week wash and clean them. but the question i have is how about blushes do i try to get disposable brushes

  11. luznegra says:

    use a separate towel for your face ONLY

  12. mrsgood2beme1 says:

    many thanks for this vid i am a acne suffer and i appreciate all the tips that you have given i will take them into practice

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