Lose weight the healthy way: Week One Of the Fat Smash Diet

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


So you have to eat 4-5 meals a day 2 being snacks here is a sample meal plan for the day: MEAL PLAN: 8am……………..Meal #1 11am……………Meal #2 (heavy snack) 2pm……………..Meal #3 5pm……………..Meal #4 (light snack) 7pm……………..Meal#5 9pm……………..Light snack NEVER EAT 1 1/2 HRS BEFORE BED! FOODS ALLOWED: -all fruit in any quantity -all vegetables in any quantity, except NO white potatoes NO avacadoes -Good source of protein: chickpeas, bean, tofu & lentils -Brown rice—2 cups of cooked rice -2cups of low fat or skim or soy milk -as much water as you like -oatmeal–1 cup -All herbs and spices -6 oz. low fat yogurt (no fruit on the bottom 2X per day) -4 egg whites -2 cups herbal tea -1 cup of ffreashly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice -1 1/2 slices of low fat cheese or 1 veggie burger without bread -sugarless gum -1 tsp low fat mayo -1 tbsp salt -1pat (1tsp) of butter -1 tsbp mustard or ketchup -2 tbsp soy sauce -2 tbsp teriyaki sauce -1 tsp sugar substitute FOODS NOT ALLOWED: -peanut butter/jelly -white rice -meat -fish -full fat cheese -Bread ANY TYPE -raisins -dried or preserved fruits -candy -ice cream -alcohol -soda regular or diet -coffee and all coffee drinks -sports drinks -milk shakes -whole eggs or yolks -fried food -fast food SNACKS FOR PHASE I: -1/3 cup plain yogurt dip and 2 cups raw vegetables – 10 Cashews -1 low fat granola bar -15 grapes and half of low-fat milk -1/2 cup plain low fat yogurt -1 1/2 cups baby carrats

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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27 Responses to “Lose weight the healthy way: Week One Of the Fat Smash Diet”
  1. John says:

    She has a nice body but you can see she does not make any gymnastics. Jogging everyday would help her a lot. This is the least she can do. All this things
    about diets is for women that don`t want to go to the gym, but prefer sitting on sofas and eat all kind of crap.

  2. MrIzeee says:

    hi ,hope u doing good,,,, ur so kind n good,thanks,,,, okay i ve never discus my problm with people,i feel lik talking to u …. i am 30 years of age ,married for last 2 years,,doctors asking me to reduce weight to have babies,,, i am huge…iam 107 kgs not llb, and am tall 5 feet 8 inches,in pakistan, i tried every thing simply every thing ALL I NEED IS A FRIEND TO GUIDE ME AND MOTIVATE ME EVERY DAY I REALLY MEAN IT ,I WANT EVERY DAY MOTIVATION…. PLZ HELP ME,I AM SICK OF BEING FAT

  3. DutchMastersBlaze says:

    Epic MealTime Comin’ at ya with a Chainsaw!

  4. theswedishdiet says:

    The Swedish Diet is a great weight loss supplement that help anyone lose up to 5 lbs per week. Check us out…

  5. 4everyours7 says:

    im watching this while eating ice cream. LMFAO

  6. Uninserious says:

    you’re a gorgeous woman anyway 🙂

  7. nelvannya says:

    I thought I would let you know it is really amazing to see you put your weight lose online. It’s impressive and congratulations.

  8. beauty101115 says:

    @darkcurrent wow your sooo fucking jealous!!! lmfao hahahahahaha get off ur mommys computer and get a job and a life

  9. darkcurrent says:

    @beauty101115 and you’RE a stupid fat cunt.

  10. LIAMPOOR says:

    i am fat and i lost 2kg in the first week of working out

  11. beauty101115 says:

    @darkcurrent fuck you, your an asshole…. and extremely jealous!

  12. hannahheartable says:

    girl i got the faith in yeah u can do it belive me its hard but dont get frustrated and throw in the towel wach inspring show likw i use to be fat” i love that show:O u cant do it

  13. lutinai says:

    i think you look fine in any shape.

  14. OnlyUseMieKnife says:


  15. D1am0nd77 says:

    I would tear that ass up!

  16. AndreLetang says:

    @BreakfastDjs yeah epic meal is the s h i t!!

  17. Ldoggerus911 says:

    Darkcurrent is a fucking loser. Go jerk off in a corner and do something with half value with your life faggot.

    As for you in the vid, keep at it. Let us know how shits going for you and make your time worthwhile. Im sure it’ll motivate a lot of people in the same position.

  18. darkcurrent says:

    Ugly fat Latino whore. You’re too fucking stupid to figure out that yo yo diets don’t work. Stupid cumdumpster.

  19. DJaySnoopZ says:

    Add me on FaceBook Darius Lorenzo Gardner

  20. CuteEmo7 says:

    I’m 140…you’re thinner than me…O_O
    Go Girl Go! ^_^

  21. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    sexy legs 🙂

  22. KhrisAbee says:

    You look great for having 4 kids. I had my first baby 6 months ago and the weight is coming off really really slow if it is at all. I wish I had your jeans. If I had 4 kids I’d probably look like Martin in big momma’s house. Did it come off fast? with the first two? Any advice on how long it takes to get the baby weight off?

  23. Khushkill says:

    hey my name is jen and i really need your help so can you be my friend on face book any my face book name is jen rahimi thnx girl

  24. stretch255 says:

    Can i eat a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig covered in bacon and still lose weight?

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