How to Play Basketball : Exercise & Diet Tips for Basketball

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Get exercise and diet tips for playing basketball games plus learn a drill to help with your rotation and follow through and improve the consistency of your basketball shots in this free sports video on b-ball. Expert: Daryl Johnson Bio: Daryl Johnson is an actor and athlete living in Los Angeles. He has trained most of his life and has been a professional fitness trainer. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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25 Responses to “How to Play Basketball : Exercise & Diet Tips for Basketball”
  1. camq8907 says:

    do u leave the skin on the chicken? I mean the body does need some animal fat.. but I am worried im getting to much fat.. ya dig?!

  2. YyJoBb says:

    What’s the perfect height for basketball?
    I have recently bought something called :
    ” helpo growth formula ” i think it works
    i wanna be taller for basketball

  3. TheLeilisa says:

    i recommend this anyone who wants to grow taller
    “Helpo Growth Formula ” search in google….

  4. anatol13maa says:

    This is lazer targeted information. Guaranteed result within 7 day for weight loss.

  5. DeathlyCrunch says:

    He doesn’t mention that you need to be a stinky monkey and do lots of roids.

  6. BROKENCAPS says:

    I’m a random wind storm. Shakey shakey!

  7. brocktherock68 says:


  8. skelt93 says:

    of course he likes bananas

  9. zero1923 says:

    i like chip and sodas in the morning, helps me leap and dunk

  10. natedaug1 says:

    This is good advice.

  11. michael78925 says:

    @AirTupac Oh well i was kind of close

  12. AirTupac says:



  13. VengeanceTelevision says:

    Lol Exercise & Diet Tips and i Got a McDonalds Ad Lol

  14. CBO530 says:

    Great informative information!!

  15. benmunoz0640 says:

    holy **** that is sick! um expertvillage, can you dunk? You need to take a look at this if you can’t – (50 inch vertical [dot] com)

    How to Play Basketball : Exercise & Diet Tips for Basketball

  16. michael78925 says:

    Yes so many people think height is EVERYTHING when its not. I mean just look at guys like AI he is a legend and what 6 feet is it? Wade is pretty short too only 6’2 I think.

  17. james090383 says:

    excellent clear advice! thank you, good vid, what is the mans name, does he run expert village?

  18. MrArtem123456789 says:

    kobe is seeing this

  19. epraider2012 says:

    not at all although you dont have a lot of possibilities if your short.

  20. 499lbs says:


    He means business

  21. montasmob69 says:

    Height is actually pretty overrated in basketball. Most of the players tend to be 2-3 inches shorter than listed. In fact, there are 4 times more players under six feet than over seven feet in the NBA.

  22. alynchrys says:


  23. alynchrys says:

    seems yes

  24. elDreDas says:

    does basketball make you grow or increase your heigth?

  25. elDreDas says:

    shaq..? shaquira?

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