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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Natural Approaches to Eating Healing and Living

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Holistic Health Tips”
  1. potterylady1 says:

    I so with Trader Joe’s was in Texas. We do have Central Market ( I work there!), Whole Foods, and Sprouts here though.

  2. FreedomGale says:

    @Stilts6 Thank you for watching. I plan to make more Heath Tip Vids soon.

  3. FreedomGale says:

    @eiobeautiful Did I ever tell you about Dioscovite?

  4. Stilts6 says:

    Thank YOU for this video! . . . THOROUGH and APPRECIATED!!!

  5. eiobeautiful says:

    Thank you. I will look that up with my mommie. I am the girl with sickle cell. I am treeswithflowers.***

  6. FreedomGale says:

    If you have sickle cell you should be on Dioscovite! Do a Google search for it! It comes from the wild yam plant grown in Africa!

  7. treeswithflowers says:

    Thank you. I want to have a Holistic life style. I have sickle cell disease. Very informative. I will buy the book “The Green Pharmacy”.***

  8. FreedomGale says:

    I’m just starting a raw food diet. I just lost two pounds in two days. Well, your welcomed to join me. I need to lose about 50lbs. But, I’m not doing it just for that. My body is calling for it. It will help me with my food and other allergies. It already has.

    There’s a lot of vids on how to get started here. I plan to video about it soon! Be encouraged; there’s always an answer.

  9. Spiritree41 says:

    Fighting the battle of the buldge is very challeging. Its been a 15 year battle for me. I have tried everything. It is really a terrible disease : (

  10. modogray says:

    @FreedomGale are you serious starches?

  11. robinannen says:

    The whole “complete protein issue” is false. There is protein in all plants and you do not need to combine anything. How do cows get their protein? How about horses or elephants? Have you ever heard of anyone that was hospitalized or ill from a protein deficiency? Educate yourself, googe or youtube, whatever, the info is out there. Doctors know little about nutrition and the food industry just wants to make millions. They don’t care what’s good for you.

  12. FreedomGale says:

    what is “pcos?”

  13. northsideazzgoon says:

    okay i will do that my thyroid is functioning fine i also have a book about eating according to my blood type i have pcos though i am trying to get it under wraps naturally

  14. FreedomGale says:

    Try eating your biggest meal in the morning. Then your normal breakfast meal 6 hours later; at night have tea and an apple or other fruit of your choice. Don’t eat in between meals and make sure at least 3 hours have past before you go to bed.

    Make sure your thyroid is functioning properly . Cut back on carbs. Yes, vegetarians can be overweight too. Watch your carbs, snacks etc.

    Find out your blood type. Look up the blood type diet on line it will tell you product and foods for weight loss.

  15. ladydred31 says:

    i am trying to lose weight i do not workout like i should and i do not really have portion control i eat tofu and beans for protein

  16. FreedomGale says:

    When I was vegan I became very small too. And I was only eating 2 meals a day. Sometime I wish I could go back to that. I have a great vegan lady I subscribe to she does recipes here. Great stuff.

  17. FreedomGale says:

    I use to be vegan but had allergies to soy and nuts. These are the primary ingredients in making a complete protein. A nut and a grain. The only grain I digest well is rice. So, I eat organic grass fed meats and cheese. I use rice milk.

    What is your source of protein? Are you trying to gain weight? If so you might want to add more natural oils to your foods like avocados; and eat a bit more starches or carbs.

  18. ladydred31 says:

    are you vegan sistren i subscribed to you i would like to reason with you if you are vegan just due to the fact that i am but am having problems with my weight i have been off of meat 15 years but off animal bi product for 1 year i have not gained weight but i have not lost either

  19. moviedude22 says:

    Impressive. Just impressive…

  20. FreedomGale says:

    This is a recent matter of controversy among some experts. But the founders like Jethro Kloss and others that first began writing about health and diet recommended it stating it caused digestive and other health problems.

    Pineapple is one fruit that can be eaten with vegetables because it doesn’t contain any seeds. I vegetables don’t contain seeds and fruits do. Fruits without seeds are said to be neutral.

  21. CreaTiveNaTive73 says:

    Whats the problem with eating Fruits and Vegies in the same sitting? I didn’t catch y u shouldn’t. LOL.

  22. mandyx4z says:

    Excellent video. I love the information contained. Thanks!

  23. JERNIGANSIX says:

    I have been a vegetarian now for about 8-9 months. I never thought about eating organic foods. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  24. stayonfire says:

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    There are corrupt missions who rather allow their message not to offend smokers or wealthy cigarette manufacture killing companies who may financially contribute to their cause. So they don’t want to rally against smoking.
    The Pure Generation Cancer Movement ” Our generation of children lives are more precious than any bright colored sticker or raise-a-thon corrupted by smoking. “Retiring Cancer Wholesomely”

  25. LemonTwang10 says:

    I appreciate your healthy message to those that will listen and desire to live a healthy happy life. You go girl! Many people are not familiar with Candida and I think society needs to be educated on this illness along with others.

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