Getting in Shape Tips : How to Make Your Breasts Appear Bigger Through Exercise

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Exercising to make your breasts look bigger can be done at home by focusing on the pectoral muscles that are underneath the fat in a woman’s chest. Increase breast size withadvice from a personal trainer in this free video about adding muscle to breasts through exercise. Expert: Tanya Batts Bio: Tanya Batts has been a certified personal fitness trainer for more than 11 years. She specializes in Pilates, yoga, combat cardio, aerobics, core conditioning and overall strength training. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Getting in Shape Tips : How to Make Your Breasts Appear Bigger Through Exercise”
  1. 88CarloDeLeon88 says:

    Oh yes. Perfect to seduce men at the gym. -.-

  2. thez3k3 says:

    @Prettygirl5396 That ma’am…is hilarious. lol

  3. 35tunafish says:

    i dont really understand it ;(

  4. LoverDollLinz says:


  5. 619brandie says:

    I dont think ot works cuz i dont see the results

  6. TheElenaRose says:

    “Breasts are mainly – FAT!”

  7. cafemoca21 says:

    sooo um where her big boobs at??

  8. joiluvsmikey1 says:

    has anyone tried that?does it even work?

  9. FunnGirlie77 says:

    look at her boobs… How can we believe her when a sports bra is too big for her?

  10. TheShinraCorp says:

    @sparkyskooter911 I know that they know that, that you also know 😛 (confused yet?), of course it doesn’t make there breasts bigger… but there’s not a scientific fact as far as I know that will make them grow (for real not some chest muscle increase).

  11. sparkyskooter911 says:

    @TheShinraCorp02 well what they are going at in this vid is that if you exercise certain ways, your chest muscles enhance and make the breasts appear larger and more firm and round. your breast are not accualy getting bigger, but they know that.

  12. PinkyBabii305 says:

    1:31 the camera man seemed to focus on her but lol

  13. freeqwerqwer says:

    The real secret to bigger breasts is to drink more milk.

  14. wupyz says:

    @mehotboy100 lol.. thats mean yet funny 😛

  15. jycptrsn says:

    @freeqwerqwer: You must be crazy! The woman must be wearing a sports bra you bum. No matter how big your boobs are when you wear your sports bra they look compressed you looser!

  16. freeqwerqwer says:

    a flat chested woman telling viewers how to make the breast bigger via exercise?

  17. nimalikamanjula says:

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  18. MahReeAhh2 says:

    Says the lady with boobs! LMAO XD

  19. TheShinraCorp says:

    @youngncrazy1 Well that’s good to hear, but I’m sure it’s just your chest muscle that increased, breast is 90% body fat after all hehe. Well not sure what you ate during that month so I could be wrong too.

  20. youngncrazy1 says:

    @TheShinraCorp02 i a actually did some of this and i’m twenty years old. before i was a size 32 A. within a few weeks maybe a month and a half…36 B.

  21. MsDaifan says:

    This doesn’t make your boobs bigger. It makes them perkier. Perkiness is sexier than size, so these are good exercises.

  22. monti6251 says:

    what are other tips to get bigger boobs?

  23. Nagnora says:

    what is the recomanded repitition for each ?

  24. malkamanjali says:

    Online dating brides

  25. daphney1812 says:

    That is accually a great advice thank u 🙂 cuz i have really small ones….and my friend’s friend has really big ones (and there r like HUGE) so i just want one because if it is small i get spots all over but i excersise like once a month or in gym with doesn’t do anything but it mint help thx 🙂

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