Foods that kill excerpts plus other Health tips vegans vs carnivores Abel vs Cain

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Themeaning of life is problem solving! This is how they control the people daily. They solve the basic problems of food, clothing & shelter by providing you with jobs. Every two weeks they pay you in debt notes & within ten days you have given it all back. You don’t even know it’s not real money & that the nations are all under bankruptcy & everything is prepaid. You are so conditioned you can’t believe it, you deny it & you continue to go along with the corporate central bank tax scam. That leaves you free to solve more pressing problems like cash or charge, wine or beer, window or aisle, smoking or non, Oprah or American Idol Worship. You work all day in a corporate sweat shop. You pay taxes to the corporation of [your country name] then you watch Corporate news scare you to death with terror, murder, rape & corruption. You watch some sitcom Friends lie & cheat on each other for a laugh then you finish off the evening by witnessing some Criminal Minds plot & commit murder When they present any problem like 9/11 (Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin & arms smugglers used by the CIA & Saudis to funnel guerrillas arms & money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan Courtesy of World Affairs) they offer the solution, war on terror, loss of freedom. Housing bubble, economic collapse, bailout tax theft. Swine flu, imminent

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7 Responses to “Foods that kill excerpts plus other Health tips vegans vs carnivores Abel vs Cain”
  1. testthisisatest says:

    your a champ, thanks heaps.

  2. FakeryTV says:

    The presenter is Michael Klaper. You can watch the full presentation here on DianeDi’s channel.


    I feel the same about my diet. It took a while to switch over fully but I’ve never felt better and I’m not eating dead stuff anymore, well I still have a weakness for oatmeal now and then but I don’t cook much. Funny but oatmeal is now my junk food along with the odd pie

  3. testthisisatest says:

    really appreciate you uploading this video.

    you had a longer version on your old account. i was wondering if you still have that, or if you could give me the presentors name so i can look him up and get more information?

    vegan for over a year now, have never looked back.

  4. 3642130 says:

    i believe there’s always been vegetarians, but if it’s new then maybe its evolution in action! i’ve eaten no meat for 12 yrs, drank raw milk for the last 5 and feel great. in 12 yrs not 1 animal death fed me, no bad karma, if people would study raw milk, they’d clearly see the “conspiracy nuts”,
    were rt about the gov’t all along! thank god it’s legal in my state

  5. FakeryTV says:

    When I think about it logically and with a historical perspective I can see long ago, before the invention of tools, that we were probably vegetarians living off fruit, nuts, berries and greens.

    Our now atrophied appendix is no longer used to process cellulose from plant fibers so they cut it out of us.

    When it comes to meat eating I wonder do people bother to ask the chicken if it’s ok to kill, cook and eat him and would he really say yes.

    I prefer to save lives rather than eat dead flesh

  6. ILoveUSofA says:

    raw milk is mostly not gov approved. Grass fed farming is mostly looked down on by the establishment.

  7. ILoveUSofA says:

    Sorry but part of being awake is knowing what is good food. Grass fed beef, and pastured not free range chickens are good food. Vegetarian diets are an invention of modern society. Read the work of Dr. Westin A. Price.

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