Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Exercises, Planks, Proper Sit Ups Form & Special Tip

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


This video is about how to achieve a flat washboard stomach, a strong core, and defined abdominal muscles. We all know it takes hard work through diet and exercise, including sit ups, but I want to share with you another special tip that I have practiced all my life. It will most definitely work for you as well if you make it part of your life. I hope you enjoy my tip! Your comments and ratings are very much welcome and please remember to subscribe!!!! Thank you for tuning in……. For more helpful tips, please visit me at my blogspot at: www.youtips4u.blogspot.com To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here cgi.ebay.com

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26 Responses to “Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Exercises, Planks, Proper Sit Ups Form & Special Tip”
  1. This blog is so much helpful for me. Please give me recommendation and tips how can i continue these Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Exercises?

  2. YouTips4U says:

    Thank you sweetie :o) Greetings from the U.S.A.

  3. xxAfricanRain says:

    I ADORE YOU !!! I’m sure your tips will help me in my life !! <3 <3 <3
    Greeting from Bosnia

  4. YouTips4U says:

    Our bodies are 75% water and staying hydrated helps all bodily functions perform better. When you have enough fluids, your body is able to dole out some moisture to your skin and hair to help keep it healthy, but if you are lacking in fluids it will take what it needs for your vital organs and unfortunately your hair and skin will suffer.

  5. xoxBlue says:

    @YouTips4U Why is water great for increasing your metabolism and having great hair and skin?

  6. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, I have many ab workout videos upload for you to look at to develop a routine that you like. I recommend you workout your abs 10-12 minutes every other day. You’ll also want to do 30-40 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week to help burn off excess fat and calories.

  7. alycat1339 says:

    hello… do u have any good ideas to get a nice firm tummy fast. i have a prom soon so i need a flat tummy fast
    – thanks

  8. emorokzursokz says:

    @YouTips4U thanks i’ll try that!!

  9. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, I will address the time after I had children, because before that I had super abs with very little work. After I had my children, it took me about 6mos.to 1 year to have a nice flat tummy again and probably about 1 1/2 years to have my figure and weight back to normal. I didn’t do it quickly because that’s just not possible when you’re a mom and I wanted to do it in a healthy way. I also breastfed my children, so you really can’t lose too much weight when breastfeeding or you can’t nurse.

  10. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, I don’t recommend a tight belt around your tummy. That will just lead a tummy ache as you compress your belly. Exercise will work wonders for you. Develop a routine that you can do 3-4 days a week for at least a total of 1 hour. 40 minutes on cardio and 20 minutes for ab exercises and resistance training. It will take a bit of time to get your old figure back, but I promise you if you work at it, you will. Be sure to watch your diet because exercise alone won’t help if you over eat.

  11. bluujay511 says:

    Hi I was just wondering how long it took you to achieve such nice abs. I know it takes a while and cannot be done in a couple weeks, so I was curious how long it took you. Thanks. 🙂

  12. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, the best way to get rid of belly fat is with a combination of cardio exercise to burn fat and calories, and ab exercises. You should spend at least 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week on cardio and 10 minutes 3-4 times a week working out your abs.

  13. MrDboy1904 says:

    Nice !! Ima star working today !!(: thanks ma!!

  14. emorokzursokz says:

    hi! im 14 and im a little “flabby” in the midsection. i dont really work out much but i want to get in shape. what is the best to get rid of my belly fat??

  15. sohaaniful says:

    hi i want to ask if i tight belt around tummy instead holding stomach so ?does it work with the belt and after my second baby my shoulder and chest firmed what should i do to get back my original shape thanks for giving these wonderful excercises

  16. mixinuxomuch says:

    @YouTips4U thank you 🙂

  17. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, spend 30-40 minutes doing cardio exercise 4-5 times a week and do at least 10 minutes of ab exercises every other day.

  18. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, have a watch handy that has a second hand that shows seconds ticking by. Hold your plank position for one minute for each of the plank exercises. If you don’t have a watch handy, simply count to 60 in your mind. “One Mississippi”, “two Mississippi” :o)

  19. YouTips4U says:

    For the foods to keep in your room and I’m assuming you have a fridge as well. If so, how about yogurts, cheese sticks, a bag of peeled baby carrots, celery, apples, grapefruits, oranges, bananas orange juice, milk, cereal, graham crackers, peanut butter, whole grain bagels with cream cheese, nuts. I’m not a big lover of microwaveable foods, but if you have a freezer section to the refrigerator, you could buy some frozen corn and other veggies as well as some frozen chicken cutlets.

  20. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, I know college food can have a lot of unnecessary fat. Kudos to you for avoiding it as much as possible. You’re doing a great job. I’m wondering if your college makes wraps? Some of my other viewers that I have spoken to have told me that they find that they can have a grilled chicken wrap with tomatoes and lettuce etc. and it’s a healthy low fat high protein meal.

  21. mixinuxomuch says:

    hello. on summer im planning to do indoor exercise im 15 im 90 lbs. right now. how many minutes and what kind of exercise would you suggest to me. because i want to lose my belly fat .? and what food should i get rid of .. thanks in advance

  22. YouTips4U says:

    Things to cut out include, salty and sugary snacks (I’m sure you can guess what those are) as well as sodas and high fat dairy. Making small changes will yield big results and you’ll feel great too :o) Keep up the good work and stop back and let me know how you’re doing from time to time. I will help keep you motivated with more diet and exercise videos :o)

  23. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, congratulations on starting your exercise program. It’s the best decision you’ve ever made for your body. Be patient and let your body show you how it can respond. You will definitely see results, but it takes time. You have 18 years to try to change. You are not getting bigger, you are probably just feeling your muscles retain water as they work for you. This goes away in a day or so after training. Definitely eat fresh fruits, veggies, low fat protein, and whole grains.

  24. YouTips4U says:

    I’m glad to help :o)

  25. mamiposa26 says:

    hi ok i just found this video and i will give it a try! but you didnt specify how many planks and side planks should i do? you said hold for a minute but not how many. please let me know thanks

  26. cms121889 says:

    Hi, I’m a full time college student and I heard you recommend that you eat properly… I eat “right” so to say and am of normal size but with what the school has to offer I don’t think I eat as good as I should. I stay away from sweets, sodas, fried foods as much as I can but do you have any recommendations on what I can eat that is healthy to pop in a microwave or store in a cupboard that isn’t terrible for you? Also do you have any thigh toning videos?

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