FITNESS – Cardio Exercise Workout 4

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Part 4/5. Visit www.BodyRock.Tv For more Free Fitness Videos, Workout Routines and Healthy Diet and Exercise Plans.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “FITNESS – Cardio Exercise Workout 4”
  1. guitarprincess2008 says:

    this workout set is great. I love all 4 workouts. i’ve been doing her workouts for a few months now and i look really great. i recommend trying these workouts.

  2. Jahkillian says:

    How come you don’t have your own TV show?

  3. green2lean says:

    The human body is like any machine. The more you use it, the faster it wears out. Go easy on those knees or you’ll regret when you’re 40. If you’re determined to do that, find a rubber surface.

    You’re in amazing shape! WOW!

  4. PanayotiProductions says:

    this exercise doesnt look good for your knees, but damn she looks good what a little amazon

  5. StayHigh86 says:

    hell no!

  6. Theonewith1nose says:

    got any work outs for the neck?

  7. rpasgb says:


  8. neicebug says:

    I love that you show us this complete phase…even showing us your fatigue towards the end! Thank you!

  9. negoni8 says:

    Thanks Miss

  10. ustink0815 says:

    is it wrong for me to watch this on the couch with a beer and a smoke?

  11. bobbyjans says:

    that is one tight *** great workout for advanced

  12. melnorm says:

    IMHO this exercise is for people to stay in shape, NOT to get in shape. therefore, if you don’t already have an athletic body , I suggest u don’t try this at home.
    Additionally, your knees are not so fragile. If you treat them like they are very fragile, they will eventually get weak.
    I don’t say over do it but IMO Zuzana is not doing anything harmful.

  13. JiGsAwMoFo says:

    I like this exercise a lot. I’ve been doing it intermittently for the past few days just to try it out and it really gets your heart going, it’s great!

  14. grogyan says:

    We know its a good workout when your breathing so heavily

  15. Aries0913 says:

    that looks fun.. im gonna try it

  16. Hvalborg1 says:

    Wow that body!!

  17. Direkin says:

    It’s a GymBoss interval timer

  18. Firemite95 says:

    i could watch her do this all day and not get bored 😀

  19. SNL0907 says:

    Great shape! You’ve got the perfect body. That only took you less than 4 1/2 minutes. How much did you burn? Would you advise going on more sets?
    I’ll still try that execise tomorrow.

  20. Aldind2x says:

    What device is she using to give her the beeping?

  21. Crayolalola says:

    i love her voice

  22. Savaca01 says:

    Your videos are getting better and better!! It really helps to visualize the workout when we see it entirely. Thanks!

  23. thesimpaticos says:

    4/5 Glad she’s not afraid to breath. Minus one star for an exercise which could really hurt someone’s knee. She’s going way past 90 on the knee bend, which is probably ok if you’re in great shape.

  24. hascat says:

    some sort of timer — she talked about it in the first vid of this series

  25. CandiSoSweet says:

    what is that pink thing on ur waist

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