FITNESS – Cardio Exercise Workout 1 by BodyRock.Tv

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more Free Fitness Videos, Workout Routines and Recipes visit Zuzana’s Free Fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “FITNESS – Cardio Exercise Workout 1 by BodyRock.Tv”
  1. virulentturtle says:

    That is the beautiful Kingston ONT skyline

  2. CmGHaures says:

    probably born and raised in Europe and moved to Canada?

  3. mavisroo says:

    thats definatley not a canadian accent

  4. BRUCELEEonLSD says:


  5. NeoLynchFitness says:

    LOVE this chick!

  6. cristian2001 says:

    she’s like a girl from mortal kombat

  7. lagatuda says:

    Czechs are best!

  8. aleterra says:

    I think is Czech Republic

  9. MarQu3 says:

    hmm ur gutsy girl i love it! cant get enough .. damnnnn it . MMMMMMMmmmmm!

  10. NickyStinson says:

    i want your body 🙂

  11. URALLKUNTS says:

    canada i think. people commenting are saying shes from cananda.

  12. cyclop41 says:

    have you done jumping roping like that before?

  13. isWeedVegetables says:

    DAMN, shes hot!

  14. leopardsbasketball says:

    Ya some people will thumbs down you because it’s a Zuzana video, but you’re right. Seriously, my bball coach had us skip rope on L leg and R leg for 2.5 minutes each so for the length of the video w/o rest.

  15. pazomblez says:

    she’s out of breath because she’s going at max or near max heart rate. that’s the whole point of interval training. you tend to be gasping for breath a lot. but the buzz from it is amazing.

  16. poundsdown2 says:

    The jump rope is a forgotten tool in the world of exercise Great Going Zuzana.

    Lacy Weston

  17. FitJourney says:

    I want your body!

  18. OneOldNovelist says:

    Are those clips taped in the USA?

  19. personwithoutsoul says:

    i am a woman , but she is rly hot LOL !

  20. agfagaevart says:

    And your point is what? is not like she’s wearing a bone corset.

  21. nelita00 says:

    I think she is a very inspiring, powerful woman. she will definitely go far. kudos to you zuzana keep up the good work.

  22. DudeNumberOnePlus says:

    (test post)

  23. ivano1987 says:

    THAT BODY!!!!!!

  24. genericusername1 says:

    how come she is always so out of breath on every single video. And this is only jumprope i dont get it

  25. esmeraldahoes says:

    because shes wearing a sports bra duh.

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