Exercise Tips from NickyNik

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.nickynik.com Some inside tips from Nickynik on how to keep the fat off.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Exercise Tips from NickyNik”
  1. leg451 says:

    i remember watching this video back when it was first uploaded. one of the best on youtube. so funny.

  2. Deepsand101 says:

    @nickynik That’s awesome man, people like you know how to enjoy life. Rock on bro!

  3. nickynik says:

    @Deepsand101 I’m a teenaged boy trapped in a mans body. And I’ll never change!

  4. Deepsand101 says:

    Bro how old are you? Just curious, don’t mean to be rude.

  5. TheCouncellor says:

    The king is back..

  6. grandmaBea says:

    Why aren’t you in the movies?

  7. zingaya says:

    This is the funniest shit i have seen on Youtube:)..seriously!
    Your brilliant!! Good actor as well:)
    This video is my favourite one of yours yet…
    Have not watched them all, but i will have in 30-40 min..
    Keep them coming!

  8. sopka1985 says:

    how did u keep the camera in place while running? was perfect in my opinion

  9. IEatLeetMeat says:

    Drinking eggs is horrible, i’ve done it before

  10. happynut87 says:

    I watched this while listening to ‘killers like candy’ by i am ghost ….worked

  11. tuummie says:

    That’s what she said. 😉

  12. therealslimshady1112 says:

    ROFL , he’s the funniest guy i’ve ever seen

  13. SewTheBeat says:

    so funny omg

  14. allehoboys says:


  15. CaptainFeigh says:

    Haha, that was funny as shit.

  16. mrvictormsp says:

    the blare witch proyect!!! hahahah lol

  17. Jmcg10207 says:

    4:02 holy shit

  18. GamingIsTheBest says:

    lol ^^ lost!

  19. soundscapenyc says:

    i bet u do a kick ass clint eastwood impression

  20. jestkimi says:

    wait. do i even have the right site? where’s the freakin witch docotor dude? he had the right idea. where kittee? no exercise kittee. dance, nickee, dance!

  21. jestkimi says:

    nicky. ya dumb fuck. ya gotta wip the eggs first.

  22. americanprincess76 says:

    Smoker’s cough rearing it’s ugly head?
    haha >;P

  23. Holly316172 says:

    haha getting lost lol thats so funny and the eggs that just disgusting. Don’t eat raw eggs its gross and very unhealthy

  24. Phantomlover1717 says:

    Yes 😐

    :’) Lol

  25. melindagilman says:

    oh my goodness.. i almost threw up at the eggs but i bout busted a gut on the rest…lol

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