Dr. Mercola’s Presentation on High Intensity Exercise (Part 1 of 2)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


In this lecture, natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals why you should consider doing High Intensity Exercise instead of regular cardio. For more fitness tips, visit fitness.mercola.com (Part 1 of 2)

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16 Responses to “Dr. Mercola’s Presentation on High Intensity Exercise (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. VegEdGoku says:

    Enough is Enough! That’s a thinking we have to have now! That’s a slogan of Victory!

    Turn off TV.
    Benjamin Fulford, Bill Cooper, David Icke, G. E. Griffin, Bill Hicks, Rafael Correa, Paul Craig Roberts, Carol Rosin, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, We Are Change, Luke Rudkowski.
    Try to reach those people who don’t know The Truth, like reality show watchers.

  2. ANKHifyouLOVEdjehuti says:

    @Diatonic135 What would those be? I’m interested in starting this and would like to know, also so I can recommend to my therapy clients who are short on time. ty!

  3. rast123456789 says:

    @tiatdivad u should look up mark sisson he was a ex ironman athlete he now does the same thing mercola does. I think his book is like primal blueprint check it out if ur interested. I love Mercola

  4. HypnoticSubliminals says:

    When was this filmed? Where?

  5. PayChkSlaveRebellion says:

    I looked into HGH a while ago through the work of Trudeau, but was apprehensive in beginning the program due to the injections, im glad to know there is a natural way of increasing your HGH.

    Along with Mike Adams, your youtube channel rules!

  6. adamberk07 says:

    DOC M!

  7. tiatdivad says:

    I take it doc mercola won’t like Ironman athletes then? lol

  8. tiatdivad says:

    @Diatonic135 well done!!

  9. demanding2bfree says:

    @hurricaneivan117 i heart mercola also.He’s always there with the goodinfo.

  10. Diatonic135 says:

    @quitejaded one more thing, before i get carried away. I love this type of workout and tend to heavily promote it; however there are some contraindications and precautions that must be considered before starting it. perhaps Dr. mercola might find it in his heart to discuss them in a future video.

  11. hurricaneivan117 says:

    I <3 MERCOLA!!!

  12. Diatonic135 says:

    @quitejaded my goal was to try workouts and do what was the most fun. I also started Paul Chek’s “how to eat move and be healthy” program at the same time (from his book, same title). It took me the first 4 months to work up to 4 minutes of total exercise per session. i have lost about 18 pounds of fat, gained about 12 pounds of muscle ( i am male and weight about 185lbs now).

    I know that there is no magic program that works for everybody, but i have never felt better in my life.

  13. quitejaded says:

    @Diatonic135 what results have you received? What was your goal? General health, strength or weight loss?

  14. quitejaded says:

    Hmm! Interesting. I am 21. Do I need to start doing this?

    So, I think maybe every other day, I should go to the track and sprint. Ah, just like the old high school days. I used to hate running track, but I guess now I have a purpose. I was a good sprinter (got them african genes ;D).

  15. Diatonic135 says:

    Excellent lecture Doctor!

    i have been doing this type of exercise for almost 6 months now and the results have been amazing! In total, i can not do much more than 4 minutes of actual work when the intensity is right.

    i do high intensity complexes at the park. all you need is a lawn!

  16. Purrrsuasive1 says:

    Dr. Mercola, what do u think about those Super Slow workout places?

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