Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Pregnant Women (Part 2)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

The second part of the ‘Yoga For Pregnant Women’ video describes the pranayams which are fine exercises that would complete the entire process of attaining a healthy delivery. Cures for pre- and post-natal depression, high blood pressure, weight gain, nausea and the like ailments during pregnancy, using readily available home remedies, is taught by Swami Ramdev-ji. Click to watch more Baba Ramdev Videos.

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25 Responses to “Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Pregnant Women (Part 2)”
  1. ketanpatel3 says:

    very good

  2. UhdjygFlkdl says:

    Keep me temperate baby ** **

  3. healthnut4life48 says:

    Boost your energy..
    Sleep better..
    Reduce discomfort..
    Prepare for childbirth..
    Reduce stress and lift your spirits..

    Now you can get a great pregnancy Yoga workout and find your spiritual center from home with this amazing new Pregnancy Yoga Mat.


  4. HandOfMe says:

    that is the ancient technique of tongue twisting. It is the sacred skill of the snake oil sales men and the forked serpent.

  5. GiselleOriana says:

    Strive Naughty women and sensation your life

  6. kathejuisa says:

    No way out man Asian women

  7. latashiariccarditig says:

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  8. yoshi4g says:

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  9. sridevibayana says:

    babaji can u please upload in english version,i conceived recently

  10. 8b9a1 says:

    Thank you very much for your advice.

  11. 1rajimrv says:

    @8b9a1 Kapalbhati should be stopped the moment you come to know that you have conceived. Kapabhati increases heat in the stomach n uterus area which is not gud for pregnancy. Hence it is avoided throughout pregnancy. One can resume Kapalbhati and bhahya pranayam post delivery.

  12. 8b9a1 says:

    I am planning to be pregnant. However, I don’t know whether I have already conceived or not. No pregnancy testing device can tell me before five days of my periods.
    In this case, can I still do kapalbhati pranayam daily?
    In other words, after how many months should a pregnant woman stop doing kapalbhati? Is it right after conceiving?

  13. rashmi9025 says:

    DONT KAPALBHATI while pregnant there one more u should not do.

  14. pjaiman says:

    The acupressure really works.

  15. ronitdavker says:

    thank you for the translation- good health to everyone

  16. dimmulily says:

    Read the english description I posted from Bottom to Top. I hope this will help for those who dont understand hindi.

  17. dimmulily says:

    Eat green vegetables mostly and those who are trying for baby and have problems in concieving they should do kapalbharti and pranayam for 15 min and then step by step all the pranayams,can have ayurvedic medicines too along with cow milk. many more medicines are there for different problems he is talking about .

  18. dimmulily says:

    This is for keeing thebaby healthy inside the womb.
    do all the exercise as he is showing one by one for cervical pain and muscles.
    Lying down on bed or hard mattress and fold your knee and twist as much as you can with neck on opposite side. Do it only as much as you can without any sress. If yo feel pain do not twist more. Do it easy and it is helpfull in lower part. put one leg on the other and turn this is for spinal and pelvic part for pregnant women.

  19. dimmulily says:

    Put your right leg on left one and pull it towards chest . slowly do these for normal delivery hand and finger exercise just as you hold ball open finger and close. put your palm upwards and downwards. wrist and elbow and shoulder exercises are to be done slowly in clockwise and anticlockwise directions as he shows they are good for pregnant ladies. Breahe deeply while ding these for giving your child oxygenated blood .

  20. dimmulily says:

    Legs also have points for leg pain and pelvic pain. see the leg points. For swelling in legs you have to press the channels on feet .
    If you have to bedrest during pregnancy then do Yoga while on your bed for joint pain Drink milk with little kesar”saffron” , almonds and eat spinach . while sitting on your bed you can do these exercise in clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of feet.

  21. dimmulily says:

    Ring fingers connect to brain and is most important for pitutary gland and decreases stress. not only for pregnant women but its good for those who have sleeping problems too. do not press hard . do it slow If you have neck aches there are accupressure points on palm.
    Do this before and after 2 hours of eating. joint pain and muscular point are cured by accupressure and thyroid, kidney liver points are also there. In two hands he shows the pressure points.

  22. dimmulily says:

    Blood Pressure ca be controlled with this. you can also do chandra bhedi pranayam using left nose and breath out with right nose , no sound should come while doing it . Repeat it and do not stop inhaling and exhaling and accupressure points are there which are helpful. he shows the accupressure points to control B.P pressure pointsare on the fingers.

  23. dimmulily says:

    This is all about doing yoga during pregnancy. He says if you are pregnant you should do anulom Vilom, Bhrastrikasana, and if you already have problems like cough , feeling hot, feeling angry or increase in you blood pressure do do ujjayi pranayam , sheetkari pranayam along with udgiya pranayam . Twisting tongue towards the palate with see see sound is the sheetali pranayam for high blood pressure, and depression during the pregnancy.

  24. ronitdavker says:

    please , translation is needed
    this is all good !!!

  25. beba0447 says:

    Now common, helpful video? I didn’t understand a word.

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