15 Fitness Exercises : Lower Back Exercise Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Exercise is the cornerstone of fitness. Here is a free video on lower back exercises to help you in your operation fit! Expert: Carole Childers Bio: Carole Childers has been a physical fitness trainer for more than 23 years. She is experienced in yoga, Pilates, sports conditioning, core strength training and nutrition. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “15 Fitness Exercises : Lower Back Exercise Tips”
  1. MileyCyrusIsNotHot says:

    you can see he panties in the end

  2. harlemw651 says:

    Great tips!! Made me feel better right away!!

  3. MrScoot101 says:

    I can strain that lower back!

  4. mr5890859355 says:

    Could you please help me with lower back exercise information?I need a lower back exercise witch don’t include abs or gluteus muscles,just lower back.Every exercise I know for the lower back is the exercise for the abs or gluteus muscles at the same time.I need an exercise just for the lower back muscles and nothing else.please help,its very important,thank you…

  5. TheBanjo98 says:

    2:18 UNDERWEAR! 😀

  6. Timboz18 says:

    nice thong

  7. TheCyoruk says:

    great video thanks

  8. maddenptofficial says:

    Nice video. Very helpful

  9. kosamaofficial says:

    Heart-healthy foods lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation.

  10. Jimipappa says:

    nice thong at 2:20

  11. ayayayify says:

    this would be good with some ankle and wrist weights

  12. Guinness0052 says:

    Hip extension… (Glut Max and Biceps Femoris). That is why her ass is tightening up. LOOK! The arm movements has got nothing to do with “the back”. Sticking the arms straight out will make this a better and harder exercise. This is not a pure back exercise. Its is a pure “butt” exercise. But….it ain’t bad for the back. Stability ball reverse (face down) leg lifts are best for back.

  13. sunshineuk1965 says:

    I wish someone would do a workout with music and repeats for lower back

  14. Shayboogie2U says:

    Wow..She Looks like she had a Rhinoplasty..

  15. saftysteve says:

    I wanna slap it !

  16. Nanthaanna says:

    It is very very good and stable exercise. Every one have to try it

  17. QofLife69 says:

    @Cavsfan12908 i totally agree ; )

  18. manohordijk says:

    Mistake in the subs, first sentence; low back is one of the infamous areas that gets STRAIN all day long. I’m straight all day long, every day.

  19. MrConnorjv94 says:

    wat does this exersice do for your bak because mi bake is realy bad and needs help to recover so will this heplp it get better and stronger pls say 🙂

  20. tiramisupoopcake says:

    How many repetitions do you recommend pr. exercise?

  21. mauryhead011 says:

    lol it was jus a g string

  22. joannedavies2008 says:

    brilliant, just what i was after thanks

  23. TrishBTSX says:

    oh she got some tooth floss in between her booty cheeks!

  24. Il0vekramer says:

    weak thong.

  25. Asianbag4 says:

    whats with the thong

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